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Inspired quotes and being brave….

With the launch of the e-course this week, it made me think about things I never thought I could do.  Then I looked at other things that kept popping up like when I talked about our personal journey at home or how other people take risks later in life.

Brave comes in all shapes and sizes,and sometimes it’s just about going along on the journey and staying on the path.

 I realized how far I have traveled since the first time I wrote a real first article in our local newspaper  to now having a book out in October! Sometimes I think we have to look back along the journey to look forward. We only see where we haven’t  yet gotten too, not where we’ve been.

I wanted to share some quotes from my first ever look book. It wasn’t a huge book compared to what is out now, or as glossy as a lot of e-mags have turned into,but I had done it all myself and it was a first step. I had wanted ti to be all about inspiration and the journey so I thought it was the perfect time to share it with it’s inspired quotes.

The Urban Journey Collcetion look book by Jennifer Rizzo The journey of a thousand steps.... The longest journey is the joureny inward.... Focus on the joureny not the destination.... I see my path.... Too often we are so preoccupied with the destination.... Success is not a place at which one arrives.... Dream with abandon,journey with hope Do not go where the path may lead The road of life We don't receive wisdom...

Gather your dreams....Microsoft Word - Document2 2Building a creatively made business, A new e-course to help you grow your business, be inspired to start your journey!


  1. I think it’s a wonderful, inspiring look book. Very magical photos – love your poem in the last image.
    I will look forward to your book in October.
    Bravo! Brave Jen!!!

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