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Kitchen Inspiration with Wood

Now that my mom’s kitchen is moving along, here are some inspiration pictures that have been catching my eye for her space. My Mom is not a “white” person at all, so I am taking bits and pieces from each picture that I like for her kitchen inspiration. She really wants lighter wood cabinets and a tan-colored granite. I have something in my head, but I’ve been scouring the internet for something I can physically show her.  Update: you can see the progress we made here, and  the end result of her kitchen renovation here.
traditional kitchen before remodel

In he above picture, for her, I love the mix  of cabinets and the black island. My main goal is to design a kitchen that combines her love of a traditional kitchen with a more modern look. Even though white kitchens are all of the rage right now, I know wood will eventually come back around again. It’s funny how it all moved in cycles. We go from wood to white and back again.
Wood island in a white kitchen
Even something like a wood island can make a huge impact in adding a contrast of color and texture.
Kitchen at Patina Farm
I think I am going to call the style old world-distressed-collected-traditional with a little Brooke Giannetti thrown in there for good measure :). I love Brooke’s eye, and adore her home and farm and she has great kitchen inspiration.
Patina Farm kitchen
For my mom’s house, I can see lanterns, wood, brick,natural elements, in tones with greys, blues and aquas. She really loves wood and granite with a crystal pattern in it, and I am hoping we can find something she loves. Make sure you check out her finished kitchen here.



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  1. Jen,
    Great inspiration.LOVE all of those photos!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you put together.I know it will look amazing!!!!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I am new to your site and I love all the inspiration pictures, I had white for 22 years and when I built my new house it is all dark colors, but its to dark so I am adding splashes of white. You have a good design eye and it’s wonderful your helping your Mother out. I needed all the help I could get, and did get it. You have a beautiful blog! Hugs, Pearl

  3. All of those rooms are gorgeous> Love them. But you said that your Mom doesnt like alot of white, and all those rooms use a lot of white. I think they are beautiful.

  4. lots of fabulous inspiration and found some for me too! Your Mom is a very lucky lady to have your design eye helping her. When you are finished I am working on a combo guest room/office/studio retreat for me. Come on over. 🙂 xo

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