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Let’s Make Something- a Boho Holiday Faux Floral Arrangement

You know I looooooove my flowers and plants. So much so, that our home becomes a jungle over the winter because I can’t seem to let a single one go. However, it is a lot of work to water all of those plants, and when it comes to floral arrangements they die so quickly, that sometimes a little faux flowers are in order. Putting together a faux floral arrangement is easier than you think. For this episode of Let’s Make Something, I made a Boho Holiday Faux Floral Arrangement in a really cool container.  It was really easy to do, and now that the craft stores have their holiday and Christmas florals at 40-50% off, now is the time to stock up and make a few of these creations to add around the house, or make fore next year. You still have quite a few weeks to enjoy them, and it you put them in not holiday containers, you can leave them out all through the winter long after your holiday decor has come down!

Boho Faux Floral Holiday Arrangement

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Create a fun faux boho floral arrangement

To make this project you’ll need safety glasses, a cute container or basket, dry floral foam for faux flowers, a pair of wire cutters, and faux floral stems and floral picks. I found some fun sparkly pine and pine cone stems, a faux juniper stem I clipped a part, and these really cool boho glitter feathers. For some final flair, I added some pink glitter balls. Which I know don’t naturally occur in nature, but they are pretty fun! Here’s a DIY video (CC available) so you can see the step by step process. Watch the video here and then continue onto DIY tips below.

Make a boho faux floral holiday arrangement

One of the tricks I found that help the holiday faux floral arrangement is to  “pre-arrange” your  faux florals before putting them in the foam in the container.

Also  size up your stem lengths with the bottom of the vase, and cut your faux florals before pushing them into the foam. It save from having a ton of holes in the foam and wrestling with it. It can get messy and annoying.

Pre-measure your faux florals before adding to arrangement or cutting

Also, I have used wet foam (not wet) in a pinch for dry floral arrangements. It can be done, you just can’t go the other way (and use dry for wet.).

Add fun eleements to faux floral arrangements

Once you get your stems to the right length, it’s just a matter of putting them in the floral foam and enjoying! Remove any “holiday-ish” stems to enjoy all winter long!