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Boho Knotted Yarn Garland with Beads and Green and White Christmas Mantel

I felt like it was time for a change for my green and white Christmas mantle. I knew I wanted to swap out the mirror and some of the other things because all of my greenery was completely crispy. And honestly, I’ve had my mantel up since the day after Halloween, so Iwas really ready for a fresh look. I also wanted to add something fun, so a boho knotted yarn garland was in order. I always like to preface projects like this with how bad I am at macrame. You can read all about my huge fail here. This isn’t that. There is no macrame required and it uses the same knots as you would use to tie your shoes. It’s super easy, and you just need some yarn and beads ( and clear tape for my threading hack). This is one of those projects I am going to start off by saying (ms. safety says) keep it away from kids, pets and fire, it could be a choking or strangulation hazard. You can see more up close mantel details at the end of the post, and what the mantel looked like before I changed it here.

Bottlebrush tree white and green mantel with boho yarn garland

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You can watch a video of the entire process of making the garland, you can also see the additional pictures below for a closer look.

To make a boho knotted yarn garland with beads, you’ll need chunky yarn, wood beads,scissors and transparent tape.

Boho yarn and bead garland

Hang the main lead yarn first. Then decide how long you want your hanging, knotted part. I decided to make my yarn length total 36 inches each so when it was folded in half, I would have an 18″ hang. You can add more of less depending on your length, and how loose or tight you want your yarn design. The hardest part is looping the yarn on the main string. This is kind of a “rabbit through the hole” sort of a thing.

place yarn over first part of loop to make a DIY yarn boho garland

Lay the top loop over the top of the main string.

Loop yarn though hanging loop for garland

Pull the two tails through the loop.

Pull the loop taught for a yarn boho garland with beads

Pull the loop until the yarn is taught. Here’s a quick sketch below of the knotting pattern.


Easy Yarn knotting pattern for boho garland



When knotting, knot each side of the yarn strings to the one buddying up next to it. On the second pass, do the same knotting pattern. You can stop and add you beads, or even continue down to create an entire curtain panel!

Clear tape hack for getting yarn or string through beads

This is my clear tape hack for getting yarn and other threads into bead openings. Wrap them with a piece of clear tape and create a needle, almost like the end of a shoelace and push it through. It’s so much easier that way! Just knot and snip off the end when you’re done!

Boho yarn and bead garland

I am happy I changed up my mantel. I painted the canvas above it, and it feels so fresh!

Christmas cottages and bottle brush trees

Painted cottages and bottle brush trees mantel decor

Mantelscape with bottlebrush trees and little houses

Bottlebrush tree mantelscape

Let me know if you have any questions below!

Boho yarn and bead garland decor no macrame required