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Easy Last Minute Neighbor Gift Ideas with Free Gift Tag Printable

I want to start this post by saying that if you are my neighbor, I completely apologize for blowing the surprise. After you read this, you’re going to know that you’re getting one of three things dropped off at your front doorstep this holiday season. Ha ha…Enjoy! Because of everything going on we were really shying away from any kind of baked goods to give the neighbors, so I came up with a few creative  options for easy last minute neighbor gift ideas.

Free gift tag printables for neighbor gifts


There are a lot of obvious choices,but we went with the most accessible which are soaps, candles, and pre-packaged candy (and because who doesn’t love those things?). I decided to take a few pre-made tag templates on Canva and make them custom-made to this project for you. Feel free to use them for personal use (only). I love them all because they are a little snarky, but I think the candle tag is my favorite. While I love a handmade gift, sometimes you just gotta go with store-bought. Either way is the right way.

Dumpster fire gift tag and neighbor gift

What I love most about this, is that each item is under five dollars and would be very easy to pop by any store (including the dollar store) and whip out a few if you needed a whole bunch at once. You could even leave it blank and leave a couple extra on hand for neighbors who just pop by with a cute little gift.

Gift tag on candy for neighbors gift

to attached, I just punched a hole and tied them on with twine,and them placed them in some cute holiday bags for gift giving.

Handsoap as a neighbors gift with free gift tag printable

To grab the tags, just save the image to your computer or phone and print on cardstock and cut apart. I printed mine on my printer at home.

Free printable Gift tag ideas for neighbors gifts

I hope you loved these easy last minute neighbor gift ideas, and have a happy holiday!

Free gift tags for neighbor gifts

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