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Life is Full of Hard Decisions and Changes

Life is full of really hard decisions, even when they are the right ones. Back in February, before the pandemic hit, I had made the really hard decision to leave the retail store and workshop space I had co-founded in 2017. My life had changed, and I needed to go in another direction. It was a hard and gut-wrenching decision because I was leaving a dream I have had for years and worked so hard to get to. I’ve announced this on Instagram and Facebook, but wanted to say something here in case you don’t follow me on those platforms.
Jennifer Rizzo painting birch tree mural on wall

Luckily, my business partner had wanted to continue on her own, so the store will still be a part of our downtown landscape.
When the pandemic hit I was glad I made the decision I did because I knew my family needed me, but it still didn’t make it feel any easier. Sometimes the right decisions are really hard things, but life is full of endings and beginnings.
Now I find myself in a place of reflection, re-prioritizing and reinvention and figuring out a new rhythm to life (like many of you are too.). I am resting on what God’s plan is for my life. There are always new things ahead.
Things are so crazy anyway, and I hate to feel even a little sorry for myself, because I know with the pandemic, people are struggling in all kinds of worse ways.
Daily I am trying to intentionally live in gratitude, and am looking at the positives and the blessings of being home with my family, really concentrating on my art, design, blogging and DIY projects, teaching workshops and other opportunities, and just to love on my family. I want to thank everyone who had been so supportive of my journey along the way, many of you came and visited me and shopped at the store and I am forever grateful.


  1. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay hopeful! You have new goals and dreams ahead of you that will inspire and complete you. Good Luck in all your future endeavors.

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