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Make a Floating Plant Wall Shelf Malmback Ikea Hack

In a small kitchen without a window, I think making it feel like there is a window is super important. Bringing the outside in helps it from feeling like it’s so closed in, especially when you are doing tedious chores like washing dishes. I decided to put a floating plant wall shelf on the wall opposite of where the kitchen sink was. That way, there was something pretty to look at.  I also wanted to keep it in the veins of the inspiration images the new homeowner had sent. In one of them, there was drippy, real plants hanging on a window sill and I though this Ikea hack was the perfect way to give a nod to that.

Ikea Malmback floating picture ledge shelf hack for a floating plant wall

I made a fun video of putting the plant wall together.


The Ikea Malmback is actually a floating picture shelf. I really wanted to get the one in black or clear plastic, but our Ikea was cleared out of them. I grabbed the white one and decided a coat of cool gold craft paint would give it a brass look.

Paint the Ikea Malmback with gold paint

I gave it a few coats of paint, and worked on some other items while it dried between coats. The less perfect the paint is the better. It will give it that “cast brass” look. Once the paint it dry, it’s really to hang. If you’re worried about it pulling from the wall, make sure to use wall anchors.

Ikea Floating plant shelf hack

After I hung my shelf, I added a drop of paint to each of the screw heads so they would blend in and look like brass. After they dried, I grabbed my Fejka faux plants.

Ikea Fejka faux plants

I liked the “drippy” look of the plants and how deep green and glossy they were. They kind of look a little real. I had thought about pulling them from their pots and putting them in floral foam, and then I realized I was making waaaay more work for myself with no difference in the outcome.

Floating plant wall DIY

I simply laid them sideways on the shelf next to each other. 4 across worked perfectly, and I fluffed the leaves up to blend into each other to fill out the hanging plant wall shelf.

Small dining room design with a faux plant wall

I love the accent it brings, and the touch of unexpected greenery. It also leaves the floor space clear, which is nice in a cozier space. And I love that this is the homeowners view from the kitchen.

Speaking of a view with plants, I added some in the kitchen opening I’ll share in the next post.

Ikea Hanging plant wall hack with the Malmback photo shelf and Fejka plants