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How to build an organized mud room/front entry for $25.00…

Our front entry always looked like this…. In fact sometimes, it looked worse.
 I never could figure out how in a house of five people there are 40 pair of shoes and 15 coats. I didn’t even think that we owned that many shoes… and everything kept getting thrown on the same 5 hooks and the kids couldn’t reach the coat rack, so their solution was to just chuck everything on the floor…so all we did when we came in the door was trip over the mountain of stuff on the floor.
we are in a house that doesn’t really have a dedicated front entry. The door immediately opens into the living room.
 My solution was to pull everything down from the wall and start over, but I needed an inexpensive solution that looked nice and could hold a lot of coats and bags.
 I screwed (2) 1 x 4’s into the studs and  filled the holes with white wood putty. I then painted the whole thing white, and then screwed in some vintage school house coat hooks I had found on Ebay for a few dollars each. The entire project was under $25.
The nice thing is now everyone has their own coat hook and a place to put their backpacks. While 50% of the time it still ends up on the floor, at least now it has  a place. 🙂
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  1. Looks great Jennifer…I recently did a post on making the most of a small entry foyer…check it out…love yours….and your right about the stuff still on the floor…aaahhh!!..Happy Monday, Mariaelena

  2. Great idea! We have the same issue at our house.

    Our front entry is a dumping ground even though we have a front closet.No one wants to carry their shoes to their rooms or hang their coats up.

    ~Cheers Kim

  3. Looks great! A terrific and inexpensive solution for a problem area. Love the hooks too, have some that I have used all over the house.
    Take care sweetie!

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