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Hanging Kokedama Balls in the Kitchen Opening

In the Love your Neighbor town house, there is an opening between the dining area and the kitchen area. While it lets light into a tiny kitchen,  and makes it feel more open, to me it just looks like a big rectangular opening. I really wanted to make it feel more like a kitchen window than a big cut out square. I found these really fun faux  Hanging Kokedama Balls in the Kitchen at Ikea . A Kokedama ball is a plant that grows in a moss ball; I made some last summer when we added our wood back deck screen.

Cute hanging kokebama balls from Ikea

I thought it would be fun and easy to hang them between the open space.  I used twine and push pins to put them into the ceiling.

Moss balls with plants hanging between the kitchne opening

They made such a nice green addition. I added a faux boxwood in a piece of handmade ceramic pottery. Even though much of the goods are donated, we get some really great stuff to work with! I love how when you look out from this area, it feels so green.

Hanging moss kokedama balls in opening between rooms

The Hanging Kokedama Balls in the Kitchen break up all of he brown of the cabinets as well from the other direction. You can see how the opening just looks so blah before putting anything there.

WIndow opening in kitchen to dining area

In the kitchen, I added some cook books and canisters to the counter area, and hung a fun bamboo tray from Ikea on the wall. Ikea is one  of those places where I can find such great bits and pieces, but it gives me such a headache to wander around, pushing their cruddy carts. I always feel like I am going to dislocate a knee pushing them. I almost have to mentally prepare myself to go. Luckily, it’s so close to my house, I can go a for a bit and then leave.

VIew from kitchen with wood counter tops

I added a few coffee mugs and simple things to make it feel more like a home.

Small kitchen idea with wood counterrops

They are so cute! You can see the full space including the dining area and a video as well in this post.