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How to make doily tassels

I wanted to share with you how to make the doily tassels I had hanging on my cake plate in the paper crafting party post, they were so much fun to make and very easy.

Make these cute doily tassels

 I also made them into upright paper straw flowers, I just think they are so cute and so simple. I had Little making them with me, and she caught on very quickly.

Bouquets with straws

They ended up being such a nice, little extra bit of decoration and you can do this with any size doily.

Make super cute doily tassels

First fold your doily in half.

Fold your doily in half to make doily tasselsThen fold one side over until it’s touching the middle.

Fold one side over to make a doily tassel

Then flip over and fold the other side over. They might not line up perfectly even and that’s ok. Ours still turned out fine even though they were a little off.

Flip over and fold to make a doily tassel

After you have all of your folds done,take a pair of scissors and snip up to the middle, angling your cuts toward the center,making sure not to cut through.

Cut to the center to make a doily tassel

And you have your doily tassel, just fluff the ends a bit to make them poof out a little.

I clipped mine at the top with mini-clothes pins because they were so little,and I thought it looked cute that way, but with larger doilies, you could punch a hole through the top and string them to make a banner.

Make these cute doily tassels

To add the doily tassels to the cake plate, we taped a gold string around the edge with clear tape and just clipped them on.

Make fun paper doily flowers

To make the paper doily flowers, we just inserted them into the tops of straws and adhered them with clear tape.

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