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Mother’s Day DIY wire wrapped jewelry

For this month’s Michaels makers Mother’s Day challenge,  I decided to make some DIY wire wrapped jewelry. One of the mainstays of my wholesale business a few years ago was handmade jewelry I  also used to also teach classes on how to make it as well.It’s something I still love to do for gifts and if I wanted something trendy to wear, but don’t want to pay the big bucks for it.You can sign up for my class on Modern Bohemian jewelry if you would like to learn to make your own!

MOdern Bohemian Jewelry class an online ecourse

28116_MS_MM_AprilChallenge_sThe inner rock geek in me always loves any kind of natural stone,

How to make DIy wire wrapped jewelry

and I found these cute pendant geode chunks in the bead aisle. I bought  2 sets so I could match my earrings.

Crystal geode chunks for jewelry

I also bought some little brown beads,

How to make DIY wire wrapped earrings

20 gauge gold wire, some earring findings and some little rings called jump rings to connect the piece together.

How to start a wire wrap

If you’ve never wire wrapped it’s actually really easy. I have a special pair of wire pliers that has a round nose and cutters a bit father down. I use these about 90% of the time. Just start by bending the wire around the one side, gripping tightly. If you’ve never done it, start with a smaller (thinner) wire. It’s easier to bend and work with.

Wrap wire around pliers for wire wrapping

Then start twisting one end of the wire around the other! It’s as easy as that. Then you can add your beads on, then repeat for the other end.

beaded DIY wire wrapped jewelryOnce you’ve strung your beads and done your end wrapping, you can add on the earring findings. It does take some practice to wrap somewhat consistently, but once you get the hang of it, it goes quickly.

DIY geode earrings

The stone earrings are much easier. They are just a matter of slipping a little jump ring between the two earring pieces. So easy!

Make these pretty DIY geode earrings

They have pretty sparkle and DIY wire wrapped jewelry can look handmade with out looking cheap!

Make these beaded DIY wire wrapped earrings

I always think anything handmade is a really nice gift, and

DIY wire wrapped jewelry can be a fun new skill to try if you’ve never done it too.

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