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My holiday stencils with Royal Design Studios!!!

Well, I have a pretty awesome announcement for you(Besides the book coming out October 14th!) that I have been keeping under wraps.

 I  have  a line of holiday stencils and Wallternatives coming out in collaboration with Royal Design Studios!

Royal design

How amazing is that!??

I spent a good part of the summer designing the stencils and working on art work to be ready in time for the holidays and I can’t believe it’s almost here!!!

Theses are special holiday stencils that are meant for layering and collaging for home decor.

I’ve designed them  so that

they can be used with any kind of paint, including chalk paint,fabric paint and even Royal Design Studios own very pretty Royal cremes stencil paint, and are prefectly sized for pillows,

towels and even tote bags. That way you can personalize your home decor in any color you like!

I’ve been having a blast coming up with designs and stencil combinations.It makes  for endless possibilities with your holiday home decor and gift giving!

They are a perfect companion to the book!

Here are some example projects that I am so excited about!! Could I use more exclamation points???!!!!

I feel like I am so excited I am yelling.

Pillow stenciled with stencils by Royal design studio

Royal Design Stencils are an amazing company that  have fabulous stencils for wall decor,furniture and all kinds of projects. The stencils are an amazing quality and

I am so honored to have my stencils be a part of all of their other beautiful designs and artwork! This is definitely a dream come true for me.

I hope you love them as much as I do.

The best part is, I will also be teaching classes (which I love doing!) on how to make these projects with stencil techniques at different locations when I do book signings.

I hope I can have you in a class!Stencils and project through Royal design studios

 The stencils will be available October 17th on Royal Design Studios site, so mark your calenders!!!

I’ll be teaching my first class  with a book signing October 16th at Urban Grace in Dekalb.

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  1. Jen, Congratulations! Good things happen to good people, you have worked hard, I’m so happy for you.
    ((HUGS)) Jo

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