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Our refinished wood stained floors

While it was exciting to watch the stain go down on the sanded floors, it was even more thrilling to watch the end result of our refinished wood stained floors appear.Even thought it was only a week’s time from the moment we pulled our carpet out,  until we could move our furniture back in, it seems like much longer when you are all living together in the family room like  a bunch of cats. The best part of the Bona process is that we didn’t have to move out, but, there’s nothing like sleeping with your mattress on the floor with your kids for a really good night’s sleep.  When they started sanding the floors, and used their dustless system, it was truly dustless, and kind of amazing. Now, I won’t lie. The stain did smell, but not like the first time we had our downstairs floors done 7 years ago. That was completely unbearable, we couldn’t even leave plants in the house. We found this time that while the top coat had the stronger of the smells (and at initial application, I was a bit concerned we were going to have to stay at my moms for the night.), by bedtime, it had mostly dissipated, and was only a faint paint-like odor. If we would have had to have slept somewhere else during the process, that would have been the night. Even at that, one night would  have been better than the entire week we  had to do 7 years ago.That was horrible, and still smelled strong for weeks after. The only odd thing we noticed is for the next few days after the staining and refinishing, is that when we turned the oven on, it smelled almost like propane in the air. It was super-weird, but it eventually went away.

Bedroom floors sanded to bare wood

The unfinished wood was so beautiful, it was hard to commit to staining them. However, light floors in this house wouldn’t work, so after Exquisite Flooring mixed the stain, he sprayed water on top to bring up the grain for the dark stain. I tried to grab a pic while he was moving. It seems so counter-intuitive to put water on your fresh and cleanly sanded wood floors.

Waterpopping for dark stain on sanded hardwood floors

After the floors were water-popped, the stain went down. We couldn’t walk on them for 24 hours. I could see part of the floors from the hallway, and I was so giddy, I could barely contain myself.

Jennifer Rizzo making Bona video

While that was going on, I was able to take part in a fun video about my experience with Bona…coming soon!

refinihsed wood floors in hallway

I am so in love with the color! I can’t believe that red oak was lurking under that nasty carpet for so long! When we could finally walk on them, and really take it in, we just couldn’t believe that these were our floors.  The custom mixed Bona stain color was amazing!!

Refinished wood floors stained dark

Each room was so beautiful, and you couldn’t even see the slight pet-staining.

Dark stained wood bedroom floor color

I know, I am one of those few weird girls who gets totally excited by wood floors. I am beyond thrilled with the entire thing.We should have had our refinished wood stained floors done years ago! It was such a great experience, and the result is even better than I thought it would be!

Refinished wood stained floors stained dark

Of course, now the rooms all need makeovers…right?

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    1. I agree! I purchased a 1949
      home and the contractor
      that flipped it chose a stain
      very close in color.

  1. Your floors look amazing. We have s similar color with 3coats of poly we put intto our home here in Bartlett. In Ca we had to stay with friends including our beloved chocolate lab. The smell at each stage was unbearable ☹️

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