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New Driveway Makeover

Now that I’ve shared our front walk makeover, I have the new driveway  to share. I know it’s so much less exciting to look at, but I can tell you, it’s much easier to shovel in the winter!

Garage before new driveway replacement


When we moved in, it was one of those things that we knew we would have to do eventually, but it was such a big ticket item, that we put it off as long as we could. The last couple of years, it had so many weeds growing up through it, we knew we couldn’t put it off any longer, not to mention it was pretty embarrassing. and made out house look dumpy. I know in blogland, our homes are supposed to be perfect, because we make the pictures so pretty, in reality, that is far from the truth. In front of the expense of the driveway were medical bills, braces, and real life.

 So last fall, we finally decided to bite the bullet.   We pulled the permits and we did the front walk first earlier in the summer, and then waiting until fall to do the driveway. The timing worked out better for us that way.

Replacing Driveway


We had a really great company for the driveway. They were courteous, clean and fast. We didn’t change much about it, except cleaning up the edges. Much of them didn’t really exist anymore since it was so overgrown.


This was a picture I grabbed a few days ago. The first time we drove on the newly paved driveway, I couldn’t believe how “not bumpy” it was. The last winter, it was so easy to clear the snow too. And, for the first time, my kids could actually roller skate on it.

New Asphalt Driveway

New asphalt driveway


We try to do one big project a year on our home. I would like to replace the garage door next year, but we do have another teen who needs braces, and a soon-to-be-new driver, so that may have to wait… a few years. In the spring, I will at least give it a good coat of paint or two.

All I can say, is I am so happy it’s finally done! Do you have a project that’s you waited on a long time, and you were finally thrilled when it was finished?


  1. We also need a new driveway. Yours looks great! We repacked our front door and the steps last year and it looks so much prettier. I have had fun decorating it as the seasons change. The door was original to the house, from the 70’s, so not only does it looks so much nicer but also we are happy that it doesn’t let cold air in during the winter.

    1. Thank you! I bet it is so much better to have it that way! It makes it so much more fun to decorate!

  2. Replacing a driveway sounds so boring and unexciting but it’s crazy the difference it makes! Looks great and really changes how the yard looks!

    1. We are so thrilled with it! I wish we could have done it sooner, it does change the way it looks a lot!

  3. My big project in the planning is to update my kitchen countertops and add a tile backsplash. I also want to refinish the hardwood floors on the main level of the house. And update the lighting in the kitchen. It’s a huge kitchen with massive oak cabinets and lots of oak trim all over the main level of the house, so I’m not painting the cabinets. I’m saving, saving, saving until one of these 17 year old kitchen appliances dies and THEN, we’ll rip it all apart one time. I’m not a real patient person when I want to change decor, so……

    1. Those are some big projects! I bet it’s going to be amazing when it’s done.I would love to see picture’s when it’s finished!

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