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Make a Vintage-Inspired Halloween Mirror

We are getting in the mood for Halloween here and I love DIY Halloweend decor! I had a mirror I wanted to dress up and “spookify” a bit. I decided to create a vintage-inspired Halloween mirror with spray paint and cling wrap. You can also do this to any mirror you have on hand and the best part is you just remove the cling wrap when you’re done!
make a vintage inspired halloween mirror

I first used  some of that sealing cling wrap for covering food that is a bit sticky on one side to the mirror to give it a hazy appearance. This way I can also spray paint all over it and later, if I want to use the mirror I can just pull it off and the mirror is as good as new!
Cover a mirror with cling wrap
 I carefully cut off the excess so it fit just inside of the mirror and to not scratch the mirror.
Remove excess plastic wrap
The sheets aren’t quite bit enough so you might have to cobble them all together. It’s okay if they get wrinkly, it just adds to the old mirror texture. You could even layer pieces if you like for effect.
Paint mirror frame with paper covering the mirror
 I then taped paper over the top so I could spray paint the frame. I painted it a really pretty grey color  in a gloss finish called Castle Rock.
Spray painted mirror frame

Once the frame dried, I removed the paper and positioned my bat stencil over the wrap. I could have also painted the mirror and then added the wrap, but I was worried I would scratch my freshly painted frame.


Add a bat stencil
 I just used a homemade one on heavy card stock and sprayed the back with temporary spray adhesive so it would stick while I sprayed it. Here is the template if you would like to use it for bats of your own. You can also visit this post for more bat stencils and Halloween projects.
Bat stencil to cut out
After covering my freshly sprayed mirror frame I painted my bats and aging. I really wanted  flat black to make the “hazy glass” look old and make my bats pop without looking shiny.
Using paint to make a mirror look old
I used black chalkboard spray paint!!!  I sprayed each stencil, and the removed it quickly and wiped up anything that bled under with a damp cotton swab.
Spray paint bats on a mirror
The I purposely lightly over-sprayed  and even let it  drip a bit to give it that old, patchy mirror look.
Vintage inspired painted Halloween mirror


 I am looking forward to having it up through Halloween and then removing the wrap for the rest of the year! I might even pull it off and then re-do it just as an old mirror.
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  1. What a fun project, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing it with us today!

    I have to ask you where you purchased the pretty, colorful cups that are stacked next to your kitchen sink in the photo that Tracey @ French Larkspur used in her latest post? I just love the happy colors and would love some for my kitchen!

    xoxo laurie

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