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Painted Buffet and Easy Open Shelf Restyling

You know how some days, you have a million things to do, and you suddenly decide to chuck everything out of the window in favor of doing something completely unnecessary? That was last Sunday for me. I had laundry, and fifty other things to do and I decided instead it would be a great day to repaint the buffet and do some easy open shelf restyling in the kitchen. We ordered out for dinner that night.

Vintage buffet before painting dark green

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I painted the buffet that same awesome shade of green in a latex paint plus primer that I painted in my studio. It didn’t need much prep because I had used chalk paint before. If you have a piece of furniture your wondering how to paint, check out this post on the best way to paint furniture and this post on which sealer is better for painted furniture, paste wax or polyacrylic. One thing I did do that I was very proud of was to finally change the light switch cover from that dark bronze to white. It only took me 20 year’s to do about 5 minutes worth of work..miracles do happen people.

Jennifer Rizzo painting a buffet wiht dark green paint

You can see the video here of the painting process and open shelf restyling. I wish repainting the buffet and styling went as fast as the video is in real life.


 Open shelf styling doesn’t have to seem like a huge task. It’s all about balance. Here are a few tip when styling your open shelves even if they aren’t in the kitchen!

Open shelf styling over a dark green painted buffet

  • Start with your tallest items on the outside of each shelf and work inward, you can see on the video how effective that is.
  • Think about adding a background by propping books, plates or even art.
  • Using glass items adds an open reflective quality

Styling tips: How to style open shelve with books

  • Group dishes and similar items together
  • Use cookbooks as risers to put smaller items on

Styling open shelves with art

  • Don’t be afraid to try something fun, you can always change it.
  • Look for fun and cool nonperishable grocery items with cool labels, these can add a lot.

Open shelf styling

  • Put your dry food items, coffee and tea into pretty canisters
  • Add natural textures and items such as wood bowls and plants (faux and real!)

Tips for easily styling open shelves

That’s it! It’s so much easier than you think! And when styling open shelves, less is always more.

Open shelf styling and a grene painted buffet in a small home


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Easily style open shelves and a dark green painted buffet