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Painted chair makeover

I found this chair on Craigslist  a while ago. I really liked the shape, even though the upholstery wasn’t quite my style.


It’s a really well-made chair and I can tell you from the amount of staples I pulled out, whoever reupholstered it did a really thorough job as well.

I really wanted to reupholster it, but I just couldn’t find fabric I liked. I knew in my head what I wanted, so when I found the type of base fabric I liked, after reupholstering it, I decided to create my own textile for the painted chair fabric upholstery.

painted chair makeover

I ended up covering it in a basic gray linen and then doing some painted, abstract stripes on the back and cushion.

It was really easy, I just picked a color palette and then made simple strokes of a chip brush in one direction.

chair makeover with painted fabric

I just used regular art and craft paint. I’m not worried about it coming off. I’ve gotten paint on enough clothing to know it doesn’t come out and will stay put on the chair. 🙂

I left the sides unfinished because I actually like the deconstructed look. I might cover them later, but for now I am going to leave them.

handpainted chair fabric

I like how it adds just a bit of interest and color, but not too much.

My living room has gone through quite a few changes, and I’ll share those with you on the Eclectically fall home tour on Tuesday!

You can see the 2014 Fall home tour here.

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