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Front entry mirror swap out

I want to thank everyone who braved the awful heat and came to see me at the flea market this weekend! You made me feel like a celebrity! One reader even told me I look much younger in person than in my picture….so you are my new favorite person. 🙂

I don’t have an official front entry, but I do have a 36 inch wall next to the door that has helped carve a little space for  a place to put keys and mittens.

I’ve swapped out various pieces of furniture,but I really liked this antique dresser because it holds  a lot of stuff. We even have shoes in the bottom drawer.

The only thing is, I haven’t quite found the right thing to go over it.

dark wood dresser before

It started out as dark, which I liked the wood, but it was a  bit of a light-sucker and it felt like a dark hole next to the door.

entry hall dresser makeover

I gave it a make over, which I liked, and it brightened it up a ton! I loved the mirror shape, but , unfortunately, it just wasn’t big enough and didn’t have enough presence.

painted side dresser with gray paint

I ended up giving it another coat of paint and moved the mirror from over the other table.

front entry in a smaller home

I think it’s a much better fit. I might lower it a bit still, but I am trying to decided against being lazy and leaving it, or going to the trouble of hanging a new wire because the old one isn’t  long enough.  It isn’t bothering me much yet, so laziness might win over design right now. 🙂

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  1. Jennifer, I think you made the right decision to paint the dresser, however, I did love the distressed look in the second picture. I guess if you change your mind, it’s nothing a little sandpaper can’t fix. I just love the color palette in your home.

  2. I love that you painted it, the wood is beautiful, but it sure brightens the space now, and I love it with the second coat of paint! The mirror that is longer looks so much better!! Love your home!

  3. I really like the longer mirror and think of it this way if you put something taller there you will be glad you didn’t raise it.

  4. I like the dresser painted and the mirror height looks good to me. Do you know what color of gold was used to finish the mirror edging/frame? I like it a lot.

  5. I like the dresser painted and i think the mirror is at the right height. Can you tell me what color of gold was used for the edging/frame of the mirror? I like it a lot.

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