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Painted Farmers Market Cooler

A pretty, hand-painted, Farmers Market Cooler is the perfect way to keep your fresh market fruits and veggies cool on a hot day.

I love going to our area French Market. It’s like a farmers market, but has more than just produce. There are also handmade goods and other local vendors. It runs every Saturday morning, right behind our retail store and Makery. It’s nice to pop out in the morning before the day gets busy, and grab some fresh, local veggies, pastries, and other local goods.

Paint a custom farmers market cooler bag to keep your veggies fresh


I bring a soft cooler from our local grocery store for the items that need to be kept cool ,like eggs.  I thought it would be fun to pretty it up a little bit, and make it a little nicer. I used DecoArt’s new Stylin’ Paints to make a Painted Farmers Market Cooler. Even though Stylin’ is for fashion accessories, it will work on any soft surface without cracking, and is super-durable. I knew it would be perfect for my custom cooler!

Upcycle a grocery store cooler with paint

To make this project, you’ll need:

A grocery store soft cooler

Blue painter’s tape


DecoArt Stylin’ Paint for Fashion Accessories in:

White,Chestnut,Beige,Black,Yellow,Brick, and Green

DecoArt stylin' paint for fashion accessories

I started by taping off where I wanted my Farmers Market sign to go with blue painter’s tape.

Tape off sign area on farmers market cooler and paint with white paint

I  brushed on several coats of White and removed the tape. To go around my sign, I wanted a slightly darker brown than what is available . Luckily, Stylin’ is easy to mix, so I stirred one part Black into Chestnut, and made a darker brown.

Custom mixed brown color

I brushed that all over the outside of the cooler, leaving a taped off area from the handle base up.

Paint outside of cooler to look like a wood sign with Stylin' paints

I also brushed on White,Beige, Chestnut and Black to make it look like a wood sign.

After that dried, I lettered my Farmers Market sign in Black , and started painting my veggies. I decided on corn, carrots, a beet, and kale.

Painting corn, a base layer on a farmers market cooler

I started by laying down the base colors for my veggies, and then adding layers over the top of color, finishing with white to make it pop. Between each layer, if it was too wet, I let it dry.

Painting an ear of corn on a farmers market cooler

Stylin’ works just like an acrylic paint, so you can layer as you go.

Farmers market cooler tote painted with Stylin' paints

Once I let the paint cure for 24-48 hours, it was ready to use!

Hand painted farmers market cooler with veggies on it


I am really excited to take it with me on my next Farmers Market outing!

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