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Outdoor painted bench makeover

It’s been a while since I’ve done a good before and after. I have an outdoor painted bench makeover to share with you today!

While leaving an eye Dr. appt a few weeks ago, I drove by a house that had some wood lawn furniture in the trash. I can never pass up a good roadside find!

unpainted bench before outdoor bench makeover

I had the perfect spot on the deck for it and a little table that needed a little love next to it.

I also had some left over outdoor paint from another project. I really love using deck and concrete paint for outdoor furniture. It really adheres and can take the elements.

Reclaimed outdoor painted bench makeover

The bench was a little chippy as you can see in the picture (It looks like bird poop, I swear it isn’t.). Since it was going to be outside, I just painted over the chippi-ness.

partially painted wood bench

It was an easy makeover. I picked up outdoors pillows and cushions on sale at Target.

Target outdoor pillows and cushions

We had a little rain as you can tell. I think it was going sideways last night.

outdoor painted bench makeover

But it ended up looking really cute! And I gave the little,metal side table a fresh coat of paint as well.

outdoor painted bench makeover and table

The outdoor painted bench makeover is the perfect fit as we needed extra seating.

Gray painted bench makeover and deck garden view

I love sitting outside in the morning before anyone is up in my house. There is something about the morning quiet in the Midwest that I just love.

There were two other chairs I wish I had grabbed, but I don’t think I could have gotten them in the car. Hopefully some one else picked them up and also had a good furniture makeover.

Cone flowers and hostas

Behind the bench area is where I have my cone flowers. It’s nice to sit there because sometimes you can catch a very light sweet smell.

View of gravel paths

And I love this view from the deck too. I can see my gravel path and raspberries. Ignore the black bucket, it’s holding the spot for the Serviceberry I am going to be planting there. I didn’t want someone falling into the hole and breaking something before we out it in.

I love an easy makeover that just takes a few coats of paint!

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