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DIY Santos Doll Kits and Supplies

 With the upcoming DIY Santos Doll on-line workshop I am teaching on how to make (affiliate links) Santos Cage Dolls, on Jeanne Oliver’s Creative Network. I get lots of questions about DIY Santos Doll Kits and Supplies and where to source them from especially the paper mache mannequin dress forms and the wood rounds. You can also see this post on the basics of making Santos Dolls.
DIY Santos Doll Kits and Supplies including dowels and Paper mache mannequins

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A few people  have asked to see some examples of what the cage dolls looked like, and what we would be making… Here are some that I have made.
Santos Cage Doll Made by Jennifer Rizzo and DIY Santos Doll Kits and Supplies
This one was one of the first dolls I created, so of course she’s one of my favorites.
Hand painted art doll by Jennifer Rizzo
This Santos Doll became more of an art doll, but I love the expression on her face.
Make a DIY handpainted art doll by Jennifer Rizzo
She emerged with new hope. That’s how I think we all want to feel when things are hard.


Create a handpainted art and Santos Doll by Jennifer Rizzo
This is “The Mother” I used a little Frozen Charlotte in her nest.
Paper mache art doll by Jennifer Rizzo

This one has such a kind look on her face. I think that’s what draws me in the most.

Jennifer Rizzo art dolls
We can all use some one to look at us kindly from time to time.
Art doll and Santos Cage Doll by Jennifer Rizzo
I think that there is always a mixed reaction to dolls like this. People either love them or they think dolls are creepy. And that’s okay. There’s something for everyone. 🙂 How you want your doll to look is something to think about when sourcing DIY Santos Doll Kits and Supplies
I wanted to say a big thank you all for your comments about my bookshelf wall, we are super happy with it too. We haven’t built a ton of things like that before, so if we can do it, you can too. 🙂
And thank you for the Stylist.com from the Huntington Post mentioning my little blog this weekend.It was a nice surprise.

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  1. I enjoy your blog – came here for DIY but found another thing that’s interesting to me.

    I’m an artist who makes dolls, too. Specifically focused on Izannah Walker dolls – designed a pattern, led a class, etc.

    It really is hard to explain to people what I do in making antique inspired dolls. When I talk about my work with people outside of the doll arts world I usually say, “I make folk art inspired by antiques.” Sounds so much better than “I make dolls.” Kind of sad, but true.

  2. I am excited to have gone to goggle reader this morning and there you were with our supplies for the Santos Doll! I haven’t gotten to that viedo yet but so glad to go ahead and get that. Can’t wait. Di@cottage-wishes

  3. I’m looking forward to next week and I can’t wait to do some santos…I think they are unique and interesting and the ones you have created are so expressive. Thanks for making the kits available!!

  4. As I was looking at this blog and the photos of the dolls, I was admiring your workmanship and creativity. In that respect, they are awesome. I had to chuckle, tho, when you wrote some people either love them or think they are creepy. I guess I’m one who thinks they are creepy. I also think having one of those hands that you can put rings on, or whatever, sitting around is also creepy. You do do beautiful work tho.

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