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Weekend at Dallas Market 2018

We took off for a weekend to The Dallas Market 2018 to shop for the store , and find new vendors and products. It was my first market out of town, and a great learning experience. While the Chicago Market is a lot of walking, we weren’t quite prepared for how much more the Dallas Market was. When we walked in the building, we were slightly overwhelmed by how many floors there were, plus multiple buildings. Everyone is telling me that the Atlanta market  is even bigger. I can’t even imagine.

Inside Dallas Market 2018

We tried to map out somewhat of a strategy, by hitting the Temporary Exhibits since we arrived on the last day. The Temps are a great place to get handmade items, and learn about and connect with smaller vendors. We found a lot of great items there, and beautiful handmade jewelry and lotions for the store, plus beautiful vintage  and one of a kind items. We learned the hard way we should have packed an extra suitcase.

 The next two days, we hit the larger vendors to place our Christmas orders, and buy things we could get multiples of. The nice thing about shopping those vendors is most of them have snacks and wine, which is super important for every shopping experience. It’s makes things go so much easier. At one of the showrooms, they had eclairs and pour over coffee. I was sold.

Pour over coffee at the Dallas Market

At night, we pretty much collapsed into our beds after dinner. We were totally wiped. The first day alone we walked three miles in four hours. The Dallas Market 2018 could really make a lot of money offering foot massages. I would have totally paid for one, or two. Or four.

Public School restaurant in Dallas

Even though it was a lot of walking, it was really great to be able to see all of the new trends for the upcoming year, and see and touch the product we are going to be buying up-close. We did eat at a couple of amazing restaurants, one was called Public School. We need one of those in our town!

Honestly though, I don’t know how people do multiple shows in a row. Those vendors and reps are real rock stars. We were exhausted when we got back. I can’t imagine  going right from Atlanta, to Dallas to Vegas. We got back late Tuesday night, and have spent the rest of the week just catching up! We’ve finally recovered, but I still might treat myself to a massage here.

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