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The Best Antique White Paint for Kitchen Cabinets (And Other White Paint Colors Too)

Even though wood cabinetry are slowly coming back into style, the popularity of white painted cabinet trend still remains really high with the surge of a neutral kitchen. White makes a great backdrop They big question is, since all white paint colors are not the same, which paint color to use? You want to pick the right paint color. There are warm whites, cool whites and some that look different in natural light vs. electric light. I’ve rounded up a few different shades of the best antique white paint for kitchen cabinets (and other white paint colors too) so you can see the differences when you are trying to make your cabinet color decision whether you are creating a new kitchen from scratch or painting kitchen cabinets you already have and pick the best kitchen paint colors for your cabinets.

Vintage kilim rug with white cabinets and wood counter tops in kitchen

Before painting any paint on any surface especially kitchen cabinetry, I always recommend getting paint swatches and live with them a few days. It’s important to see how they look in all kinds of lighting and match with your kitchen design to find the right color. Paint color can change your entire kitchen’s look in an afternoon especially with kitchen walls.

The best white paint for a true antique white kitchen cabinets is Benjamin Moore White Dove. It has a warm and creamy undertone, yet still stays bright enough to not be yellow. If you are picking white subway tile (see the differences in white subway tiles here), you will notice not all subway tiles are the same, and unless you want a super white contrast, you may want to pick a subway tile backsplash that leans a little bit more creamy in color so it’s not so stark against your white cabinetry and white walls.  White Dove goes really well with wood or granite countertops. To really see the warm tones of this kitchen cabinet paint color, see this post with a comparison on actual cabinet doors.

White kithcne painted in White Dove with a wood countertop

Another warm white that also pairs well with warmer countertops is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. This popular color will have a very warm cream tone under artificial lighting.  With it’s warmth it is also a great neutral wall color with yellow undertones that fits well with farmhouse decor interiors or a cottage feel.  Similar colors are Benjamin Moore Timid White, Floral White and Cloud White.

The benefit of white paint is it makes a neutral color scheme and you can easily add a pop of color with accessories and a colorful contrast.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace cabinets in a white kitchen with a black island and marble countertops

For a shade of white with  greenish warm undertones that fells calming, Benjamin Moore Old Prairie checks all of those boxes. It almost leans a little on the greige side, but certainly fits in the antique white cabinets category.  Similar colors are Benjamin Moore Moonlight White and Sherwin Williams Natural Choice and Marshmallow.

Pretty neutral kitchen with Benjamin Moore Old Prairie painted white to light gray cabinets and faux soapstone countertops

To head in a different more modern kitchen feel with neutral colors and a neutral palette with beige walls

This kitchen went from dark cherry cabinets to bright and white with Benjamin Moore’s Super White. It not only made the homeowners thrilled,  but gave the kitchen’s look and instant update. Super White is more of a pure white with cooler understones.  They picked a cooler tone of champagne brass hardware to warm up the stark white feel and wrought iron lighting fixtures with new marble colored  and wood countertops.  Sherwin Williams High Reflective White is similar.

Dark kitchen cabinets painted with white

For a more modern look with a softer feel, Benjamin Moore Simply White is a good compromise. To me, it’s one of the easiest white colors to use, with slightly coolish understones. It still has a warmth to it and adds some elegance instead of feeling like a harsh white and goes well with stainless-steel appliances. Similar paint is  Sherwin Williams Extra White or Pure White . In my own kitchen the walls  and trim are painted the same color to make the kitchen look larger and not cut off at the cabinets, and contrasts nicely with the natural wood kitchen island for some natural, boho vibes.

White kitchen with wood countertops

I hope this post The Best Antique White Paint for Kitchen Cabinets (and other white paint colors too) has helped guide you in your best paint color choice, and what white hue to pick in your own home. For more kitchen cabinet how to, find out more about the tips and tricks with painting kitchen cabinets here.

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