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No Carve Pumpkin Idea: Make a Faux Ceramic Pumpkin

Fall is right around the corner, and I don’t know about you, but I am not quite ready for full on orange and black decor, but I do love adding a touch of fall decor once the weather starts changing. I have a thing for flowers and pumpkins, so I thought it might be a fun twist to add clay embellishments onto a faux pumpkin and create this DIY no carve pumpkin idea: Make a faux ceramic pumpkin with a floral clay embellishment. I have to say,it turned out so much better than I thought it would! It’s so pretty and doesn’t make it feel like it’s too early in August to set it out before Halloween time. Using the silicon press molds let’s your creativity shine as there are so many to choose from, and since this is a faux pumpkin you can reuse it next year. You can also check out the fast moving tutorial video with this post.

Clay floral embellished faux pumpkins

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To create this no carve clay pumpkin project, you’ll need: a faux white craft pumpkin, paperclay or air dry clay, silicon flower molds, white craft glue, a spray bottle of water, paper towel, paint brushes, acrylic paint in off-white paint and sage green paint (or acrylic craft paint color of choice), and a clay smoothing tool.

Find the supplies for this project here

Supplies to make clay embellished pumpkins

Press your paperclay into the mold. After a few attempts with my clay frustratingly sticking in my silicon mold, I realized I needed something to help make it easier to release the clay from the mold. I found a light sprtiz of water on the mold before pressing the clay in resolved that problem.

Lightly spray mold with water to help release clay

Let your paperclay sit for a little bit, especially of it feels too wet. Once the clay felt slightly on the drier side, and was less sticky, it released from the mold much easier. I found by slightly pulling the clay away from the edges first and then pressing on the edge of the mold, it was much easier to release the clay.

Carefully remove the clay from the mold

While the clay impression is still flexible, apply craft glue to the back side and glue to the faux pumpkin. If you wait until the clay is dry, it won’t be able to be pressed onto the pumpkin.

Add glue to the wet clay to the back of the embellishement

At this stage of making your faux ceramic pumpkin, take your clay tool and press the edges of the clay onto the pumpkin. Between the glue and the clay it should stay put once the clay dries. You will also want to use the clay between any gaps in the faux pumpkin and the stem to make it look like a real ceramic pumpkin. If you don’t have a clay tool the rounded back of a spoon handle will work in a pinch.

Use a clay tool to press the clay onto the faux pumpkin

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Once the clay is dry you might see some cracking, which is completely normal. Just fill these with some fresh clay and let dry, then it’s ready to paint. Then paint the entire surface of the faux pumpkin with off white acrylic paint, including all of the nooks and crannies of the clay embellishments and let dry.

Paint faux pumpkin white off wite paint

When the base coat of paint is dry on the pumpkin, use brush to paint the sage acrylic paint on the clay flowers only and then a damp paper towel to gently remove the paint from the top, only leaving the paint inside of the flower. This will give it a nice contrast!

Paint the pumpklin with sage paint

Once it’s dry, you can add a sealer or top coat to protect the ceramic look pumpkin. Due to the nature of air dry clay, this is a better piece of fall pumpkin decor for the inside of the house. or on a covered front porch. To make this more of a fall outdoor decor item, make the clay embellishment out of polymer clay and bake according to the instructions and hot-glue onto the pumpkin after baked. Placing it on balled up aluminum foil will help get that curved shape so it fits the outer curve of the pumpkin better.

Remove paint with a damp paper towel

I love this no carve pumpkin idea: make a ceramic look pumpkin because you can bring it out year after year for your fall decor, and it can stay out until Thanksgiving is over. These would also make a pretty centerpiece on your tablescape for fall decorating or on a covered front porch mixed with lanterns and smaller pumpkins ( for outdoor use, use a clay that is weather resistant.). To get the white ceramic pumpkin look, simply paint the entire pumpkin in white paint and seal.

DIY cermic look faux pumpkin

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