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Repainting my kitchen cabinets progress

I’ve been itching to freshen up our kitchen a little bit by repainting my kitchen cabinets. It’s been over 6 years since our kitchen remodel, and they were looking a little dingy. Plus, a the time, I was going from those dark oak cabinets and had a really hard time committing to a super bright white, so I opted for a slightly more mellow cream color (Benjamin Moore Linen White). Flash forward 6 years and I am ready to make things look a little more modern and clean.

I took a very quick  and blurry picture with my phone because I was so shocked after I applied the first swipe of BM Simply White. I always thought my cabinets looked white, and I really thought this was going to clean them up a bit. I didn’t realize how yellow they were!

Kitchen cabinet paint contrast

It was actually a little crazy!

Repainting my kitchen cabinets- white paint differences

Once I had the frames done, I could really see,and it started to really get me excited at how much brighter it is going to be! I have new handles too so it should really change up the space a lot. I am debating about getting a quote for subway tile. I’ve wanted it forever. I could do it myself,and I have tiled myself, but sometimes it’s worth having someone else do it too, like when we tiled the basement floor.

I’ve gotten a few questions about painting the cabinets and if I prepped them. I did initially when I went from Oak to paint, I sanded them enough to take off the glossy finish and I primed them, then I painted them with a paint with primer in it. After 6 years they’ve held up really well to high abuse. The only places I’ve had to touch up were around a few of the high-use knobs and the top of the cabinet we use for our garbage.And they were literally a few dabs of paint. It’s actually held up much much better than I expected! This time with repainting my kitchen cabinets, I’ve done much less prep with just cleaning them,and making sure they aren’t greasy. Then again,they don’t have a glossy finish.

I am working on the cabinet doors today and tomorrow, and hopefully, I’ll have something to show you pretty soon!


  1. Wow Jen! Quite a difference. I’m amazed between the two whites and really appreciate seeing them together. I have no doubt it will look great and can’t wait to see your progress. Fun stuff! As always, thanks for sharing.

  2. The same thing happened to me. I went with Snowbound by Sherwin Williams just recently. It was a shock to see how yellow they had been. You will love the whiter white. I can’t wait to see the reveal.

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