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The Impact of Using Large Clocks in Decorating…..

I have always loved large clocks for decorating. They are look great and are functional! I have them all over my house. There is a certain impact of using large clocks in decorating that really make a statement.

The impact of using large clocks in decorating

Large clocks can fill a wall like nothing else. Even when they are vintage and don’t work any more. They work best when they are also the only statement on the wall.

Statement clock in Jennifer Rizzo's Home

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This one in my home tends to move around. It’s my favorite Homegood’s find. It was in the spare nook area until we built the bookcase and then it went over our faux mantel.

Jennifer Rizzo clockAnd this clock in my front entry way. Find similar one here.

Large clock in a front entry way

My Sweet Savannah has a beautiful vintage lock paired with some vintage numbers. I love this vintage clock My Sweet Savannah has.

Cloc from the Home of My sweet savannah


Old Luckett’s store always has a design house, and this is just so amazing! I hope to see it in person one day!

lucketts store design house

 At Little Cottage on the Pond,  It’s accessorized with two amazing topiaries.

little cottage on the pond clock

I really love Giannetti home! I was blessed with being able to visit and every touch that they put into their home is amazing!

Clock Brooke Giannetti

Large clocks in decorating can add drama, and  they are still functional…it makes it much easier to tell time. I know we are used to looking at out phone, and they’ve replaced watches, but a good wall clock is an instant reminder of the time. This clock is in their old home and in their new amazing California farm, Patina Farm.

vintage clock at Giannetti home


I love the contrast of this rustic wood clock against the white subway tile at House to Home

Restoration hardware

Restoration Hardware

Don’t they make you want to run out and add a large clock for decorating in your home?




  1. I love giant clock, Everyone that comes in has a good time joking about the size of it. I found mine at Target for $17 Steal I say

  2. OH I love BIG clocks! We currently only own two… one of which I made from an old bicycle wheel! There are some truly adorable clocks you have featured! Ok to be honest I love clocks and timepieces regardless of their size. Thank you for sharing these lovely specimens with us!

  3. I love big clocks, too, Jen! I have three in our home {one doesn’t work}. I agree you get a lot of bang for your buck on a wall with these big clocks. The one that is between our kitchen and dining area filled an angled wall that otherwise might have had me banging my head against it figuring out what to hang there. I love all of yours and the ones in the inspiration pictures.

  4. Love this of Francine Gardner! I never tought about big clocks in my house… so thank you for opening my mind! Elle (homeselfhome.blogspot.ch)

  5. Yes! Running out to buy me some big old clocks. Never given any thought to them before. Your post was like an “Aha!” moment. Thanks!!!

    1. It matters most if you like it! It would look amazing with some black pictures frames collaged around it.

  6. Jennifer,

    I love huge clocks too. We have one hanging in our dining area and get many comments/compliments about it 🙂

  7. I am a sucker for clocks too. I nearly swooned when at a big flea market in Paris that had gorgeous old huge clocks for sale that had been taken off buildings and out of them. And you know what???? I did not even PHOTOGRAPH any. You know I was kicking myself after that trip. 🙂

  8. It might be an old joke, but I chuckled anyway.
    I, too, love big clocks! I was really drooling over some of the ones you shared here…especially that really giant one. 🙂

  9. Ahh, such beautiful inspiration! I love oversized clocks and will be using one in our lounge very soon! Your entrance display is my fave 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing these with us. Helen C

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