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Cottage kitchen on a budget…..!!!!!

The kitchen was an entire project unto itself but the results of the transformation from dark and dreary to a light and bright cottage kitchen area amazing! I hope you’re ready for another photo bomb of before and afters!!!!  It’s so gorgeous, I wish this was my house!
Here are the links if you missed the living room  .
The Oak house kitchen makeover at Jenniferrizzo.com
There were so many other things to do at the house, I knew I had to be creative with the kitchen and stay on a strict budget. So our main focus to save money,was to use the cabinets we already had.
 The cabinets were awesomely sturdy, oak cabinets, they really needed a good, old fashioned coat of paint!
 And sometime in the 80’s someone was going for more counter space, so they did a weird extension into the other part of the kitchen,but I don’t know if this was the right solution. Did they never hear of a thing called a kitchen island? it actually took up most of the table eat-in area, and it was so super ugly from the front door.
The cabinets came out and it immediately opened up 2 feet to the wall.
It was so open! When we removed the  extra cabinets, there were places on the floor that they just didn’t feel like finishing the floor tile. Again, weird.
 Before painting, I added trim to the top to dress them up a bit.
 I painted them a color called Old Prairie by Ben Moore. I love that color, it’s like the color of steamed, creamy milk. It went well with the Alabaster by Sherwin Williams on the walls.
Add trim to update your cabinets
 I didn’t really want bright white. This house didn’t have that feel to me.
 I painted the door a light grey.It’s them same Useful Gray as the back bedroom.
 Once we had ALL of the painting done,it was time for hubby to lay the floors. And he did an awesome job too!
The ceramic tile was trashed and chipped, but we were not about to rip it all out. The nice thing about a floating floor is you can go over any existing hard floor, right up to the cabinets. Here’s  a peek again at those oaky cabinets.
Before painted cabinets at the Oak house
And the After!!!! Welcome to the Cottage kitchen!
Light gray cottage kitchens
Cottage style dining area
Faux soapstone countertops
Budget kitchen remodelI think the configuration is much more user friendly! With a kitchen island there will be plenty of prep space.
mix new cabinets woth old ones and paint for a cohesive look
wilson laminate HD countertops
The Oak house project budget remodel with painted cabinets
Cabinets painted Benjamin moore Old Prairie
Cabinets painted in Benjamin Moore Prairie Path
 I love how bright the open shelving is.
Back door painted grey
  And it feels so bright and spacious.
Old workbench as a table
 Here is the eat in area from the other side.
Fall tablescape at the Oak bousr project
We found an old work bench to use for table.
 I love how welcoming and homey feel the house has now.
LIght and airy rehab
 Can you tell this is my favorite view? I really want this in my own house. I wish this was my own house!
Handpainted hutch at the Oak house painted Benjamin moore winterwood
this post was partially sponsored,but all of those decorating ideas and opinions are all my own,and that chandelier I might sneak out with.
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  1. The whole house is absolutely gorgeous!!! You guys must be very proud. Your kitchen is my inspiration, Jen (not this one – YOURS) and it couldn’t be any nicer. But this one is beautiful. Great job. I agree, I hope the house sells very quickly.

  2. Nice job! I love the dog dish in the middle of the floor in the before shots – every time that photo showed up in your post I had to laugh.

    So much better now – great work!!!

  3. You do the best kitchens! We are starting our own remodel this fall and I’m straight-up stealing some of the ideas you used in your own kitchen. Can I just say? If you flip the back door, it can stand open while someone is at the stove. And? I LOVE the view from the living room into the kitchen. It’s going to be a quick sell!

  4. Jennifer, that is one gorgeous kitchen…..you did miracles with that little house. I love it all the French door divider, the colors, the new kitchen arrangement….so very well blended and such balance and interest in the arrangement of the furniture. I just know that little cute house will sell right away with a reno done right!! Congratulations on a job very well done!! Blessings, Linda

  5. Wow! What a transformation. I think that is the same counter top we put in the house we just sold. Complete with gorgeous white cabinets. I painted the walls “Grey Matters” by Kelly Moore paint. What little wall was there was (and the adjoining laundry at the end of the kitchen) really popped the subtle greys from the countertop. It was a horrid little galley kitchen with horrid laminate mdf cabinets with the plastic pulls (the kind you find in laundry or garage) but someone had put them in the kitchen. My husband had bought the house before we even knew each other existed- so bachelor appropriate I guess. Anyhow- big changes, got it the way I liked it and we sold (fast), I knew we were gonna sell and move, but figured I’d have at least a few more months with it. Anyhow- Great job!.

  6. What a transformation….and I adore how you took the time to fix the layout!!! that would have bugged me for years, LOL.

    Great job! I know how frustrating it must have been for 3 months living in a state of reno and mess…when I did my kitchen it didn’t take 3 months but not being able to cook or having to keep up on the dust and debris was tiring. All your hard work paid off!

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