Make beautiful hand stamped ribbon….

I love the look of hand stamped muslin ribbon ( or linen, but yikes, that can get expensive!) . It’s easy to do and can add such a nice touch to everything; It could make a nice gift too.

Buy your fabric in the yardage you want to make. If you want 3 continuous yards of ribbon, buy 3 yards of fabric. Our Joann’s carries cotton muslin for $1.99 a yard, with a 40 % off coupon that’s cheap!You can also buy muslin  in rolls from a beauty supply house, the kind the use for waxing.It’s  a bit pricer, but it is pre-cut
You can also sew your end together to make longer yardage if you don’t mind the break.
Make small cuts in the short end 3 inches apart and then rip your yardage into sections going along the entire cut of fabric.
I find that just ripping the fabric can be so satisfying.
And therapeutic.
Especially being married.
If you like frayed ends, leave it. I sewed a zigzag stitch along my edges because I wanted the contrast in texture.

I like to stamp with Distress ink. That stuff stains, does not wash out and is non-toxic. You can also use Staz-on for a darker image; but it’s not non-toxic and you have to use a special cleaner on your stamps.

Just press and then move on down the line. You can use words, images, letters, etc. In fact, get the kids involved! A little child labor never hurt anyone!

It’s so pretty all piled up.

I am going to take some to the boutique, so I wrapped it around a vintage wooden spool and embellished it with a vintage button and a bit of lace.
Happy stamping! 😉
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  1. I have done this before and love it. I used my muslin ribbon on gift wrapping. I just used regular ink thinking that it would not be washed. The distressed ink is a great idea.


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