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Crochet Wrapped Yarn Trees

We are lucky enough to have one of the nation’s best arboretum’s with in a short drive. Every year they do art installations and when I recently saw the start of this one  I was blown away. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. It’s a part of their Nature Unframed exhibition where they made crochet wrapped yarn trees.
Crochet wrapped yarn trees art installation

As someone who crochets; I cannot even imagine the amount of work it took to get this far, standing on a ladder, working around a tree branch. I know many of the patterns were pre-crocheted, but someone still had to get up there and attach them all together.
Yarn bombed trees

I love the color choice of the red, blue and yellow yarn. It’s so colorful  this time of year! I love this idea for a late winter art installation. It’s the perfect time to fill the outside with color when it’s so drab outside!

Yarn wrapped crocheted trees

The work is so fun and  just adds so much interest to the trunks! I love the different sizes to the crocheted  yarn circles. If you want to see more yarn trees, see how to DIY some for Christmas here.

Yarn wrapped trees in crochet


Trees trunks corcheted in yarn
   You can see various spots where they’ve started on other trees as well in small sections.
Large tre with crochet on it

It was kind of fun to randomly come across this kind of art.

Yarn crocheted around a tree branch


Fiber crocheted tree trunls at the Morton Arboretum
 And you’d see little pops of color around the park in various spots. It was fun for the kids to find them. I have to admit, I was the one who got excited when I spotted them first. I think after  a while, they were tired of it… I’d excitedly yell, “Hey, there’s another!” and there would be eye-rolling going on behind me.
Yarn bombed trees as installation art


If you’re ever in Illinois, stop by and visit. It’s definitely a place to feed your soul! I loved this installation of crochet wrapped yarn trees!


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  1. Hi Jen, Do you think my family would understand if I start to crochet around some of my trees? That’s so awesome…and speaking of awesome your designs are just that! You are amazing, but I think I’ve told you that before. Happy Easter to you and your “bunnies” Love, Penny

  2. Very cool !! Where is this at ?? I am very familiar with your area.Even though I am out here it is interesting to know that this is something really cool to see.Have a bright day there.Thanks for sharing that…Chickie

  3. What a creative idea.I love how the artist has the “bulleyes” scattered among the trees. In Denver an artist beautified a chain link fence in the downtown area with crocheted flowers growing on it. Another really cool idea. Will we be seeing crocheted masterpieces on your trees in the near furture?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  4. I had heard of this. I think they call it guerilla art, when people turn everyday objects in public space into impromptu art objects. I have not seen one in real life yet, but seeing those trees sure makes me hope I will run into something like this soon.

  5. Wow…really creative!

    I just found your blog and love it! I will be looking at your older posts. I am following too.

  6. This is so cool! Thanks for commenting on my blog, I am so glad I was able to jump over to yours, I’ve had a great time going through all the posts! Your house is amazing, I would have never guessed it to be a split level. You are so talented!

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