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Trash to Treasure furniture makeover…

When Jennifer Rizzo asked me, Jennifer Z from Town and Country Living to do a furniture makeover for my June contributor post, I knew exactly what I was going to up-cycle. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants from a friend to tackle a project you should have done over a year ago! So today I’m happy to bring you my trash to treasure game table!

Refinished Table in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintHere she is … my trashy little table turned treasure sitting all pretty on my front porch.


The before version of my trash to treasure game tableHubby found this roadside rescue right across the street in our neighbor’s junk pile. It’s too modern for my taste and I cringed when he dragged it home. It might not look that bad from this angle …


Before a roadside rescue game table gets a makeover… but the top had seen better days. Cigarette burns and water rings had ruined the top.

I told hubby I didn’t want it, but it has a special something I’ll share with you in a minute.

So it sat around for over a year until Jennifer asked me to do a makeover this month.


Distressed furniture painted in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - Old WhiteI turned to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, my go-to paint for all my furniture re-dos.

I brushed on a layer of Louis Blue, let it dry, and then followed with a coat of Old White.

I like to layer the colors because they’ll all come through when you start distressing.


Table refinished in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintI had planned to decoupage the front of the drawers with decorative scrap paper.

But as luck would have it, I didn’t have enough sheets of the paper I wanted to use.

So on to plan B because I didn’t feel like putting my make-up on and going to the store!


Script Stamping on Painted FurnitureI decided to stamp the drawer fronts with my script stamp from Hobby Lobby.

Then I distressed the entire piece with sandpaper so a little bit of blue and wood would show.

Finally, I sealed it with a light coating of clear wax that you simply rub on like waxing a car.


Game Table Painted in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintHere’s the reason why I decided to keep this roadside rescue.

The drawers aren’t really drawers … they’re games!


From Trash to Treasure Game TableAnd each game has all its pieces! They were stored in baggies inside the drawers.

Even though this trash to treasure game table had been sitting out by the road, the insides were in great shape! The games are the only reason why I kept this thing hanging around for all this time. The bottom drawer contains tic-tac-toe.


Trash to Treasure Game Table Painted in Annie Sloan Chalk PaintNow hubby and I can sit out on the porch and play games all summer like Ma and Pa Kettle.

Hubby gets an A+ for finding this trash to treasure game table!

And special thanks to Jennifer Rizzo for motivating me to finally tackle this project!!

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  1. That IS a special little something! I’ve never seen a game table like that, what a wonderful piece for your porch. You did a wonderful job, I love the stamped script on the drawer fronts.

  2. Superb! It looks like a cute brand new table now, and the color combination is beautiful. Love the transformation =)

  3. Wow! I love it and I especially love games; now I’m on the lookout for one I can make over! Thanks for the inspiration.

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