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New front curved concrete walk

Several years ago, I was tired of looking at how old and gross  the entry up to our front door was. It was the way it was when we bought it. After the kids got a little older, and I had a bit more energy, I started trying out having a curved concrete walk with plants. I eventually ended up using some free limestone as pavers, and grabbing my can of elbow grease, and digging it out and laying stone myself. That was before my 2 herniated discs, and $100,000 new neck. Now, I am happy to let someone else do the heavy-lifting and let them put in a new front curved concrete walk (you can see the finished project her.)

I loved the cobblestone path, but to be honest, in the winter it was pain to shovel… and well… Chicago. Now, it was time to replace the walk area, and we decided to do a concrete walk that  would be easy to shovel, and maintenance-free, and easy for aging parents to walk on. We decided to have it curve in front of our house since our home is so linear looking as a split-level. Any curves we can give to the boxy house the better.

New concrete front walk

Front walk way with hosta and coral bells and annuals in raised urns


The hardest part about it was that we had to dig out all of the existing landscaping. Even though it was a chance to fix some mistakes in landscaping, it had finally grown in beautifully, and I was in love with how it finally looked. Though, we are kind of suckers for punishment, so it is kind of par for the course.

Dirt dug out, and staked for concrete walk way

We had the concrete company come out. The hand dug the path way, and framed it out in one day for the new curved concrete walk. I felt bad for the guys digging.There were still a ton of huge roots left from where the Ash tree had been.


Framed concrete walk ready for stone

The stone was delivered the second day, and the concrete was poured. We’ve had so much rain lately, we were praying for clear weather.

Fresh poured front curved concrete walk

Luckily, the weather was moderate and not too hot for the pour day, and the rain held off as well.

Fresh poured curved concrete walk

They came and pulled the framing this morning, and now we have the job of figuring out how to landscape the new curved concrete walk. Since we pulled the walk much farther forward, the entire planting bed needs to be shifted. We are going to replant the Hosta we removed, but now I need to think about the fun part of what else I need to put in (She says, as she gleefully rubs her hands together.).




  1. Yay! A planting project – your favorite! Enjoy the new walkway – it looks great 🙂

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