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Turn a vintage coffee table into a tufted,upholstered ottoman….

I found a really awesome vintage coffee table that I made into an upholstered ottoman. I loved the shape, but on it’s own, the coffee table was a little low for my tastes.

make tufted ottoman with burlap and padding

It was a great sturdy piece but obviously a super-dated. Even thought the leather top was in great shape, what was I going to do with a brown leather top unless I kept it natural wood? Many of these pieces, if I am going to paint them, I now prime and paint right over the leather top.Half of the time the leather is in terrible shape anyway and can’t be saved.

Turn a vintage coffee table into a tufted ottoman

I took it out to the backyard and gave it a few coats of antique white. I actually spray my furniture upside down first. It’s easier to get all of those nooks and crannies, and not miss anything.make a coffee table into an ottoman

After it dried, I brought it inside and put it on top of my upholstery materials.

layer burlap and padding for a tufted ottoman

I always have burlap on hand, so that was the fabric of choice. I put 6 layers of padding down on top of that. I didn’t want it super-padded, just enough to tuft. If I wanted to really make it really cushy, I would have done a layer of 2-4 inch foam and then the padding and fabric.

Cut your fabric and burlap for a tufted ottoman

I trimmed the padding about an inch from the table all of the way around and the burlap about 2 inches.

Use fabric and padding to DIY an upholstered coffee table

Once it was trimmed, I started stapling and wrapping it around the base.I folded the edge of the burlap over so it didn’t unravel or pull.

use astaple gun for teh edge of your tufted ottoman

Once I went all of the way around, I flipped it our and I had a nice round,soft top.

an upholstered sturdy vintage coffee table to save a damnged top

It needed some tufting. I marked out a pattern and used long upholstery tacks to make the tufting for the DIY upholstered ottoman.

use upholstery tacks for a tufted ottoman

They went right into the top. Once in a while I would pound one in on a crazy angle and have to pull it tight again and start over.

Turn a vintage coffee table into a new tufted ottoman, with tutorial!

The coffee table repurposed as an upholstered ottoman turned out very cute and is really functional.The padding was $19.99 at Joann’s, but I used a 40% off coupon on it. I love this tufting technique and I think I am going to have to pull it out more!!!



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Coffee table made into an upholstered ottoman



  1. Hey Jen, I love your blog! I began reading when you participated in one room three ways. Great ideas!

    Can you tell me what burlap fabric you used for the ottoman? Is it soft? Can you sit on it? We are having a farm table and bench made from barn wood and we bought 6 chairs as well. The set of the chairs needs to be recovered, I believe they were originally leather, but some are damaged. We’ll be picking them up this week and I wanted to get them covered A.S.A.P.

    So far, I’ve only looked at Joann’s, but it seems that there is either scratchy burlap or linen/pseudo-linen to choose from. Any advice you can give would be appreciated! Thanks! – Tina

    1. I just bought mine at Joann’s too.I think all burlap is a bit scratchy.I did find some from the on-line fabric store that isn’t as bad.You can sit on it, it is harder to clean if you do spill on it, but it’s so cheap.Maybe cotton duck would be a better option?

  2. great job jen!! i would have scooped that piece right up too! i love what you did with it..and can’t wait for the new course!! xo

  3. Jen,
    That is a super cute piece. I would have bought that from you in a second. I guess I got to you too late :(. So pretty and creative. Love it.

  4. What a clever idea! I just bought a used coffee table and have been trying to decide whether to paint or not to paint. This gives me another idea.
    I’m all registered for Creatively Made Home. Can’t wait!
    Jill @ Still Keeping On The Narrow Way

  5. I just bought a round coffee table for my living room from the Good Will. I have been trying to decide how to refinish it…I think I just got my answer! Thanks so much!!
    P.S. How long are the upholstery tacks that you used and where did you get them?
    Ashley Rane Sparks

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