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Vegetables That Grow on a Trellis

Any gardener knows that ground space is precious. Especially if you are trying to grow your garden in a tighter area such as a patio or balcony. Luckily, there are a lot of vegetables that grow on a trellis, that produce pretty good yields, and can make tight space gardening even more enjoyable! And when thinking about “trellis” growing it doesn’t have to be expensive… Lots of things can be trellises. Bamboo poles. old head boards, and even strong rope or twine. Most plants aren’t that picky.

Growing Vegetables on a trellis or arbor


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Green Beans are an awesome climbing veggie that grows on a trellis to start with!

Making a green bean tent

My first favorite veggie to grow on a trellis are climber green beans and are perfect for newbie gardeners. They will grow on pretty much anything, and will produce beans over and over again. They may need to be protected from hungry rabbits until they get tall enough and the stems get tough enough not to be nibbled on.

Use twine to create a trellis for green beans

In fact, the more you pick the more they will produce. Green beans will pretty much grow up any kind of trellis or arbor as well, including twine on a fence.. Just keep them well watered, and you will be able to pick them most of the summer into fall. And they can be started at various times through the summer for a harvest all season long.

Cucumbers love to climb trellises

Cucumbers are climbers by nature and love to grow vertically. make sure any trellis or arbor for cucumbers is sturdy and gives them lots of space to stretch their “legs.”

Bamboo poles can create a trellis for cucumbers

Cucumbers can be susceptible to cucumber beetles.  Companion planting them with radishes can help repel this pest.

Tomatoes. While tomatoes aren’t climbers by the rules, they can be trained to climb along an arbor or trellis.

Growing Tomatoes on a trellis or arbor

The advanced of this is they are easier to pick, have more air flow, so they are less likely to be diseased, and can take up less space than the typical, bushy tomato plant. Simply by lashing them at key areas or weaving them into the structure of a more intricate arbor or trellis and regularly removing the lower suckers, they will climb away. Tomatoes are  little like magic to me. The fact that you can pinch a tomato stem off, it will root it in water, and then you can plant it blows my mind.

Squash, pumpkins and watermelons are great climbers but may need support when they get big enough

Squash are a great vegetable to grow on a trellis

Squash are less likely to be eaten by pests when they grow off the ground, but because of their weight may need additional support with a sling or netting. In smaller gardens or in pots, try Patty Pan squash or smaller watermelon or pumpkin varieties.

If you are interested in growing your own vegetables that grow on a trellis, I have a few of my favorite trellises and arbors here.


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