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Make Amazing Corn Syrup Free Marshmallows for the Perfect End of Summer S’mores….

Homemade marshmallows are are a real treat and taste nothing like the ones in the store. One our the kiddos is allergic to corn and it’s derivatives and it makes shopping for some of these treats super-challenging. So, I have this recipe for corn syrup free marshmallows that taste amazing.

homemade marshmallows

So in all of my searching, I finally found  a recipe for home-made corn syrup free marshmallows  for  s’mores and tweaked it to fit what we like. I thought I would share them here with you!

three fun s'more recipe ideas


In the past, we’ve found some marshmallows at the the health food store made from fish gelatin and I thought they tasted pretty good, but once the kids looked at the bag, they were out. One of  our annual traditions on the weekend before school  starts is we have a bonfire and make s’mores in our backyard. It’s a nice tradition that I think really helps usher in the new academic year. My mouth is watering already. I do want to mention before we start that since we are working with molten hot sugar to take extra precautions when cooking. Just take that extra safety step when making them! I did end up tweaking the recipe a bit after the first batch. I used organic/corn-free ingredients, but you could by all means not go that way,do totally regular ingredients and they would still turn out fab. A few things corn maybe lurking in when you make these in a traditional way is not only corn starch (obvious) but powdered sugar where it’s used an an anti-clumping agent.

Sprinkle powered sugar on homemade marshmallows

 Homemade Corn syrup-free Marshmallows 
2 1/2 Tablespoons gelatin
8 Tablespoons cold water
2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup cold water
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp vanilla extract (or flavored extract such as rose or orange for flavored marshmallows)
1 cup powdered sugar for dusting
electric mixer
heavy duty glass bowl
heavy sauce pan
Homemade marshmallows for smores
-Dust a 9 inch square pan with powdered sugar and set aside
-In a small bowl,add the gelatin to 8 TBSP cold water set aside
-In  a large heavy sauce pan, combine the 2 C. granulated sugar and 1/2 cup water, cook over medium heat stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.
-Once the sugar is dissolved, add the gelatin and stir in.
-Bring to a rolling boil and let boil for one minute
-Immediately turn off heat and let sit at least 5-10 minutes,It will be flaming hot sugar and gelatin which can cause really bad burns, so take proper precautions  and let it cool until warm. Use a candy thermometer to make sure it’s not too hot to handle. Once only warm, carefully pour into  a large heavy glass mixing bowl and add salt and vanilla extract
-Let the mixture cool for about 10 minutes 
-Beat with an electric mixer until it is soft and doubled in volume, about 10-15 minutes
-Pour into prepared pan and let sit until cool and firm. Let is cool lightly covered about 10 minutes.Then  put it into the fridge.
S'Mores with homeamde corn syrup free marshmallows
 Once they are cool,they will be firm but sticky.
Smores with homemade marshmallows
Dust a very sharp knife into powdered sugar and cut the marshmallows into large squares or s’more squares.
Dust each one with powered sugar on all sides to take away the stickiness, store in fridge until ready to use. They are good for up to a week.
How to make homemade marshmallows for s'mores
They are super yummy, and were a huge success! But I will tell you that they melt/burn A LOT faster when making s’mores, so watch them carefully. We lost the first few to a firey mess.
Roasting a marshmallow
I am just learning myself how to make corn syrup free marshmallows, but I can’t wait to make more! If you have a sweet tooth, you can also try this iced coffee drink, or this recipe for a teacup dessert.
homemade marshmallows

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  1. These sound delicious! We have no allergy to corn syrup.But I would love to try these as a smidge of a healthier choice 🙂

  2. This is the recipe we use and I must say I LOVE it! We have started adding new flavors and are about to try out a new combination… using some syrups we picked up at Ikea that contain no corn syrup. 🙂 wish us luck!

  3. My daughters allergic to corn too. I haven’t been able to find powdered sugar without corn starch – even in organic. Have you? Also, there’s a new brand, Dandies, that’s vegan and corn free! 🙂

    1. We make our own. Just take regular sugar and blend it into a fine powder. We use a bullet blender, but I’m sure any would work.

    2. I found it at my local King Soopers (Kroger chain of stores). But its only been around for a short time!!
      I tried to do the blender with regular sugar and added cream of tartar, but it was still gritty.

  4. You can make your own confectioner’s sugar from white or organic sugar. Put 1 cup sugar in your blender and blend at high speed for about 45 – 60 seconds. Don’t try to make more than that at a time! We use a Vita-Mix and even that works best with no more than 1 cup sugar.

  5. Yes, my daughter is allergic to corn. We use Wholefood’s 360 brand confectioner’s sugar. I keep about 4 bags on hand at all times! After making my own, this is much more convenient: ) Trying these marshmallows tonight, thanks!

  6. This is awesome, Jen! My youngest is allergic to corn and marshmallows is one thing he has always wanted to try. Thanks for sharing!

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  7. Did anyone else have trouble cutting them? Getting them out of the pan? Mime were sticky as sticky could be and the shape was not quite right. They tasted great, but seem very difficult to cut and remove…?

  8. Wow!
    Can I used gelatin sheets instead powedered one? How many sheet(s) should I use 🙂
    Thank you!

  9. Hi.. found your recipe on Pinterest, (where else)!! Tried it, very easy to do, and i added just a drop of orange flavoring to (for my taste)..
    Thank you so much for sharing..
    Season´s Greetings from Iceland


    1. OOH! Adding orange sounds like a wonderful idea!! I’ve added peppermint before – yummy and Christmas-y!

  10. I just whipped up a batch of these, and found that they are absolutely delicious!! I toasted coconut (for an Easter pie) and dipped the mallow into it– which Was a nice addition! Thank you for posting this recipe!!!

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