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3 Ways to Update Old Holiday Decor

I wanted to share with you a way to update old holiday decor! Instead of spending money, it’s easy to add some sparkle and paint and make it look like brand new! In this post, I share with you how to give new life to a faux mini-Christmas tree, make a fun mini-wreath with left over Christmas cards, and finally give jingle bells a modern look with color-blocking!

3 ways to update old holiday decor

I decided to find things around my house in my own decor that could use some sprucing up and go from there. I love a good decor update like I did on these Santas and made them into faux sugar Santas.

burlap tree with pine cones

The first one was this cute frosty tree I had. It’s super cute and perfect for a small space, but the plain burlap base was a bit blah.

plaid ribbon is added with a vintage pin to update the mini tree

Michaels has this awesome plaid ribbon on a giant wood spool that I found. I secured it with a vintage pin so give it a quick change up and a bit of color.

add a vintage pin to a swatch of ribbon for a cute update

I sort of love it even more than I thought I could.

Wintery vignette with deer

My second refresh was for my deer. I know I could have whipped out a can of spray paint and glitter and gone to town, but I really like him the way he is now.

Christmas cards with a pretty holiday pattern

I decided instead to take these fun holiday cards and make him something new to wear.

punch out the front of old holiday cards with a snowflake puncher

I used a Martha Stewart snowflake punch and punched out the pattern on the front of the card.

glue punched out snowflakes onto a pipe cleaner

I glued the snowflakes on a pipe cleaner. They were so cute in the package, they look just like little pine branches.

Mini paper wreath made form punched out card fronts

After that, I cut out the message on the inside of the card and glittered the edges and glued it on.

update a standing deer with a mini paper wreath

I just wired it around his neck and gave him a cute wreath to wear. My third update was for a little tree I had.

Door used a a picture frame

You can see it in my decor from last year. I decided it was too plain and needed some color-blocked jingle bells.

jingle bell update with glitter

They are super cute and easy to make. I used Martha Stewart’s glitter sampler and brushed glue on the bottom half of the jingle bells only.

Jingle bells color blocked with bright glitter

I gave them a coat of glitter and let them dry.

Jingle bells color blocked wth glitter and added to a tiny tree

Once they were dry I just hung them with a thin wire. I also gave him a transplant into an petit urn I had laying around.

color blocked bells with glitter

They look so pretty with the silver and pop of color. It gave my little tree  a big,fun update!

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  1. I love the wreath you made for the deer. I would never have thought to cut up a card like that. Very creative! I also like the glitter on the top of the bells. I would have done the entire bell – but yours look so much better. I just don’t have that creative eye, which is why I enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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