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Converted horse barn to amazing home from the book Creatively Christmas

Now that the holiday season is in full swing, it’s kind of fun to see book sales moving again! That’s the one things about writing a holiday book. January 1st, nobody cares for an entire year, and then the day after Thanksgiving, boom! You are selling again.

I still love flipping through and looking at some of the homes in the book. One of my favorites is Alison’s from The Polohouse.

Her home is the kind we all would dream of  living in, a converted horse barn to amazing home for polo ponies from the 1930’s and 1940’s!

I wanted to share a few of the pictures with you from her chapter.

I love the traditional and classic feel of her home. It’s so warm and welcoming when you are in there, and she and her family have done such a beautiful job in all of their renovation and restoration. I could have taken a 100 pictures and made a book out of her home.

Love the classic feel of this fireplace and sitting area. This home used to be part of a horse barn. The difference is amazing! There's more in the book Creatively Chrismas!

The original fireplace is just amazing in person. The entire room feels like you are in a grand estate.

Amazing wood and marble. This kitchen used to be a part of a horse barn!

And her kitchen! It has a very English feel to it. It’s the kind of kitchen the best kind of holiday parties take place in.

This kitchen used to be a converted horsebarn to an amazing home! See it in the book Creatively Christmas

That island. *sigh* and I love the look of the skirted stools.

beautiful vintage work bench used in every day decor decorated for the holidays

And this work bench! Do you see the vintage timbers on the walls? They bought them online from a barn that was coming down! How amazing is that?

Love the use of the ski's in the holiday decor and plaid for an outdoor area

Even on her back porch area! It feels like a whole other room all together!

You can see more of Alison’s home ( lots more pages!) and read more about her story in my book if you already have it. 🙂

Or you can find it on Amazon
or Barnes and Noble.

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