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5 Easy to Grow Flowers for Bouquets or The Backyard Gardener

Big and beautiful, colorful flowers don’t have to be fussy or for professional gardeners only. I love being able to step out my backdoor and gather flowers for a homegrown bouquet. I’ve found there are 5 easy to grow flowers that have a huge impact in the garden, are very “snippable” for vases and arrangements, and can add color throughout the growing season!

Sink full of easy to grow flowers for bouquet

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Depending on where you live, some of these could be considered annuals or perennials. It depends on your growing zone. So,here are my top 5 east to grow flowers for the backyard gardener, the beginner, or just for homegrown bouquets!

1- Cosmos

White Cosmos Flower

I don’t know where I have been! I grew this last year for the first time, and this has quickly become one of my favorite flowers. I bought a packet of Cosmos seeds last year, threw them in the ground not expecting much, and ended up with gorgeous, willowy airy flowers that bloomed over and over. It just took pinching off the old ones, and new ones popped right up for a full season of flowers.

Cosmos flowers in a vase

If you like  wild, rangey, easy to grow flowers that can top at 4 feet, sway in the breeze, and grows in lots of colors and also pretty much anywhere, this is the one for you!


Yarrow Easy to Grow

Number 2 of my 5 easy to grown flowers are Yarrow. It’s a beautiful, perennial, that has long lasting blooms and interesting  ferny foliage, and are beautiful for flower arranging. It comes in various heights, and makes a great vase filler on it’s own, or in a bouquet. Some of the varieties also change color as the flowers fade which is interesting as well. I think the leaves are so interesting, I also use it in my bouquets.

Yellow Yarrow

I find easy to grow flowers whether from seed or plant divisions make gardening so much more enjoyable!

3- Autumn Joy Sedum

Sedum is kind of a garden workhorse. In the succulent family, it’s interesting all season long,and changes colors as it goes. It fills in the landscaping for year round interest, and resists a lot of pests, plus the bees love it!

Autumn Joy Sedum

A plant division will easily take root, and it will root in water as well. My favorite part is  that as a perennial, it just grows and grows every year, and is a great bouquet filler flower.

4- Zinnia

Zinnia bouquet one of 5 easy to grow flowers for the beginning gardener, or everyone!

I have to admit, I am partial to Zinnias. They are super easy to start from seed, the seedlings transplant easily, and cutting for bouquets encourages even more flowering.

5- Marigolds


I know Marigolds have a very distinct odor. I tried to bring them in the house, and I had quite the reaction from my family. There strong smell actually makes them great border plants for companion planting to help keep garden pests away (I love these books on companion planting for organic gardening.).  However, the thing I discovered about marigolds a few years ago, it that they are more than just those little border plants my grandma grew… some varieties reach up to 5 feet tall! Growing them is as easy as putting some seeds in the ground in a full sun area. Nothing really bothers them, and if you deadhead the old blooms, they keep re-blooming. Let those seed heads dry out all the way, and you can use those to replant next year!

Tall marigolds and zinnia mix

Do you have some go-to flowers that you find are easy to grow? I would love to know!

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5 Easy to Grow Flowers for Bouquets or the Backyard Gardener