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Gathering Herbs and Flowers in the Garden

Have you ever grown your own herbs and flowers? Once I discovered how much  joy there is in stepping out my backdoor, and plucking a bit here and there of what I need for recipes, it’s something I look forward to once winter has passed. I love walking outside in bare feet through the warm grass, and gathering herbs and flowers in the garden, and bringing them inside for many different uses!

Gathering herbs and flowers from the garden with a video

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 I’ve previously made lavender sugar, and it’s amazing! I’ve decided to try making my own pot pot-pourri this year. At the end of the last growing season,I gathered a basket of herbs and flowers to dry before the frost hit. I have a little video I put together of the harvesting. I love watching this video, especially when it’s cold outside. It reminds me that spring is right around the corner, and I can soon start my seeds, and start my herbs.

Drying more delicate herbs is as simple as letting them hang dry from twine for good air flow, and keeping them in a cool dry area, such as  drying lavender. If you don’t grow your own, you can buy dried bundles here.

Other herbs such as Rosemary,I lay flat on parchment paper or racks in a cool, dry area, turning them over occasionally to ensure good circulation.

Basket of harvested lavender

Once your herbs or flowers are completely dry, you want to keep them in a tightly lidded jar. I personally love  weck jars with a rubber seal. It’s important that they are completely dry so they don’t mold in storage.

A basket of gathered herbs and flowers for DIY pot pourri and drying

I have big plans to really dive in this summer. The main herbs and flowers I am planning on growing and drying this year are ones I use all of the time: Chamomile, lavender, roses, sage, calendula, and thyme.  I’m also attempting to make aromatherapy smudge sticks, so I will let you know how that goes!

Do you grow and dry your own herbs and flowers? What are some of your favorites, and do you have any tips to share?

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