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Create Beautiful Organic Flower Arrangements with Backyard Bouquets

Welcome to Part 2 of creating backyard bouquets! I wanted to share how I create beautiful organic flower arrangements with flowers and plants from my yard. When I say organic, I mean that they aren’t super structured. While I used many of the tips from the part 1 post, I also had some fun and made some abstract style arrangements. Some of my favorite flowers to arrange with are hydrangeas, yarrow, hosta, sedum and zinnias. Next year, I am planting phlox to add in to the mix. I love how it looks and smells! Many times, I’ll grab greenery in the yard for filler like ferns, lemon balm, and hosta leaves (If it looks pretty,  and safe to use,break the rules and use it!) I have the arrangements broken down into “plant recipes” for you, so you can pin them and save until you’re ready to use them!

Make beautiful backyard bouquets with these easy tips

For this first arrangement,  I picked zinnias , daylilies, yarrow, and fern fronds. When using daylilies, make sure to pick ones with a few unopened buds so when the first buds wilt, the new ones will open.

Flower map to create a backyard arrangement

For the second organic flower arrangement, I made a big, white hydrangea the main star and filled in around it.

Backyard arrangement with hydrangea and butterfly bush

I also added a Everblooming blue hydrangea, and a Limelight  hydrangea tucked in the top, and a hosta flower stem is always good for height.

Flower arrangement map for backyard floral arrangements

The next bouquet had pink yarrow as the main feature.

Floral arrangement for backyard bouquets

I added some zinnias,ferns, and even a coleus for color. At the top, in the back of the arrangement, there’s a bit of my Dark Knight  butterfly bush and lemon balm.

Flower arrangement flower suggestion

What I love about this arrangement below, is really hydrangea and yarrow are the star of this show. I bought this yarrow plant a few a years ago, and I am so in love with it!

Cotton Candy Yarrow  Dark pink to white

It is called Cotton Candy yarrow, and blooms in various colors ranging from white to dark pink…all on one plant!

Hydrangea and yarrow floral arrangement

The last arrangement is one that actually, if you forgot about it would be OK instead of totally dying!

Bouquet with Plants that will grow roots

This arrangement consists of  coleus and sedum, which if you leave them in water long enough will grow roots, and you can put them in the ground. Out of all of them, this is definitely a longer lasting arrangement.

Flower arrangement for plants that grow roots

I hope you’re inspired to head outside and snip a few stems and blossoms, or to plant a few flowers that you can add to your vases!