Add a bit of design to your drab floors wth a painted rug…..

We ended up painting the floor of the en-suite bathroom at the Oak House Project.It was old Oak hardwood, but it just didn’t look that great after years of people dropping water on it and not taking care of it, so we decided to paint the floor.
As much as we had wanted to refinish the floors to match the laminate we picked out(The original plan), we are out of budget and are going to end up carpeting the bedrooms. Which makes me really,really sad because I love that laminate and wanted to redo the floors so badly to match them!
Since I don’t really consider carpet an option in any bathroom, and I didn’t really want to tile it, I thought painting and sealing the bathroom floor was a great option. I love how it turned out, but it looked kind of bare, so I thought it might be cute to paint a little area rug.
How to paint a rug on your floors
After making sure my base paint underneath was cured so it doesn’t pull up when the tape comes up, I taped off the main rug size.
How to paint a taped out rug on your wood floor
 Then I measured to make sure it wasn’t going to end up underneath the toilet by accident.
How to tape out a rug on your painted floor
 I tape my lines and rectangles the easy way. 
How to  tape out rug on your wood floor
I lay out my main line, and then put a tape line above and below. Once those are in place, I remove the center piece of tape and it’s perfectly straight and spaced!This is great for so doing stripes too,even if you use tapes of different widths.
How to paint a taped out rug on your wood floor
Once I double check that I have everything how I want it,it’s ready to paint!

How to paint a taped out rug on your wood floor
 After making sure the tape is pressed firmly on the floor,
How to paint a taped out rug on your wood floor
 I carefully paint in my tape lines,careful not to squish the paint under the tape.
How to add  painted rug to your  wood floor
 I then carefully remove the tape before the paint sets too much, so I can clean up anything that might have bled under.
Add a painted rug to your floor
 And I seal with Polyacrylic!
I think it’s so cute!
How to tape out a decorative hand painted rug to your floor
And it’s just a nice, little accent for a cozy bathroom.
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