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Edible cactus cupcake toppers for the next party

Hi everyone! As the Michaels Maker challenge this month, we are tasked to find something fun for around the pool! What is more fun than cactus cupcake toppers for that poolside party that you can eat! I don’t care where a party is at, if there is some kind of cake involved, I’m in!

They were really simple too! I used two different green colors  of candy melts, white sprinkles,some flower candies for cake decorating, and a plastic bag to pipe them onto parchment paper. I found everything in the Wilton cake decorating aisle.

Sprinkles and candy melts to make cactus cake toppers

I prepared my parchment paper, and melted my candy melts according to the directions on the bag.

Once the candy melts were warm and melted (it’s important to follow the melting directions on the bag so they aren’t hot!!!!!),  I scooped the warm, melted goop into a piping bag, and carefully piped out a free-form cactus shape onto parchment paper. If you don’t feel comfortable free-form piping the shapes, you can print out the template at the bottom of the post to place under your parchment to “trace” on top of with your melts.

Piping out cactus cake toppers for cupcakes

It helped to pipe out the shapes, and then lightly tap the table next to the cactus to settle the candy melts and smooth it out, and release any air bubbles. While the candy melts were still warm, we added white sprinkles on top and  little candy flowers.

Edible cactus cake toppers with sprinkels and candy flowers

Once the cactus hardened in the fridge, they were ready to go on top of the cupcakes.

Fun candy sprinkles and flowers make cactus inspired cupcake toppers

We made some traditional three-limb cactus shapes, and some that resembled a prickly pear.

Cactus cupcake toppers so cute to make for a party idea!

I also added some sprinkles to the top of the cupcake.

Make fun, edible, cactus inspired cake toppers!

My kids just loved them! Of course, they love any kind of candy they can eat!

Fun cactus cake topper idea

These  cactus cupcake toppers are fun for  a pool side party treat, but also a birthday or summer party (Add margaritas for the grown ups!)!

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Cactus templates. Just right mouse click to save.

Cactus templates

Make fun cactus cupcake toppers with candy melts and edible embellishments for a summer party idea

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