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Galvanized tub and marble top outdoor table

I have a fun patio reveal to share with you tomorrow, but today I wanted to share with you the DIY galvanized tub and marble top outdoor table I ended up putting together.I posted last week about my side yard, and the difference adding a brick patio made. I had a cute yellow bench as  a coffee table, and a clever reader suggested I cut it into a smaller table (which I loved, but I am actually going to use it for an idea somewhere else now!). In the mean time, I wanted something that was slightly larger for guests. Years ago, my mom and I went out on an amnesty night in our community. Basically, people can put what ever they want to the curb, and the industrious, in their larger vehicles can drive around and pick it up before the trash pick up. We picked up a marble top along the way, and it first sat in my mom’s backyard in a corner, and then was moved to mine. I kind of forgot about it, until I walked past it this week and realized it would make  a pretty awesome table top.But, it was fairly gross, an needed a lot of elbow grease.

Old marble table top needing to be cleaned for a DIY galvanzied marble outdoor table

I had actually started scrubbing when I realized I should take a picture.It was covered in moss, and dirt, and grime.

Cleaning an old marble top for a galvanized tub outdoor table

There was much, much,much scrubbing.

I needed a base, and I had an old galvanized tub I had used as a planter for years. While it’s on the lower side, it makes a great, sturdy base.

galvanized tub and marble top outdoor table

It has a little bit of rust staining on it, but it cleaned up really well! At first I thought the orange was a part of the stone pattern, but it’s not on the other side. It’s perfect for a DIY table.

Does any one know if there is a way to remove rust stains like these from old marble?

Old marble top and glavanzied tub used to make an outdoor table

I’ll show you what the galvanized tub and marble top outdoor table looks like tomorrow in the spruced up patio space!

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  1. If your stone is marble, it is porous. It will have to be sanded down to get the stain out most likely. We used to have a marble table that people would put their drinks on and immediately I would grab a coaster to put under it. Well one time I wasn’t there and my husband forgot and we had a white ring. Just like you get on wood. After investigation, the only way to get rid of it was to take it into a marble guy and have it sanded. I love the table though.

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