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2014 Holiday house walk day 1

Welcome to day 1 of the holiday house walk! I am so excited to share an entire week of Christmas decorating with you!

Jennifer Rizzo holiday housewalk 2014 over 30 holiday homes!

This is the fourth year and every year it just gets better and better, with even more amazing homes. And,we have a few surprise homes slotted in too!

And make sure you come back next Monday to link up your holiday decorating for a chance to be in next year’s house walk! We ended up with three homes off of last year’s link party!

You can see Day 2 here!

First,I am happy to welcome you to my home!

Jennifer Rizzo house 1

We’ll go into the living room first.

Jennifer Rizzo living room with garland

I was so happy to finally be able to get my Grandmother’s buffet back to our house. I had to to deck it out in full holiday-ness, so this year, I decked it! I draped a big old garland over the clock, and I adore how it looks. I’ve always wanted to do that!

Winter display on buffet

I used some flocked branches I had picked up at the Hob Lob, and paired it with all of the mercury glass I’ve bought over time from thrifting.

Wintery vignette with deer

I love using natural looking decor, even if it is faux. I found out a few years ago I’m allergic to pine, so the closest I’ll get from now on is a few scented candles.

Pretty holiday decor with greenery

I also love how it looks at night with the tree lit and the lamps on. It looks so pretty!

Natural bohemian Christmas tree decor

I was also excited because for the first time, I got my own tree to decorate(The kids are getting the downstairs tree.)! This is the tree I received last year from Balsam Hill.

At first I wasn’t sure what I was going to do, but then I found these really cool wood tassel ornaments and based it off of that!

pretty tree with natural decor and mercury glass

I went with mercury glass, snowball wood slices,wood bead garland,hand-drawn cardboard stars,and some fun silver owls I found at Micheal’s.

pretty tree

It just has  beautiful glow with all the sliver and sparkles when the white lights are on.


And this year the nativity was front and center on the coffee table.

White kitchen with touches of holiday color

I kept the kitchen pretty neutral with pops of color and natural elements like fruit. It gets a lot of heavy use so I can’t put too much up by way of decorating.

Kitchen decorated for the holidays

The fruit is so pretty on their own, they don’t need anything extra. I put them in vintage trophy bowls.

Window framed in mercury glass galrnads

I played with the window by adding two different sized string of mercury glass and a fun window sill vignette.

Cute winter vignette on window

It’s something pretty to look at while I do the dishes. I put them in a “forest” by adding  3 little trees from Trader Joe’s. I love their little trees.

Kitcehn table with holiday touches

I changed up the dining area.The faux mantel that used to be there is now in the family room.

Pretty dish towels used a place mats

For my table setting,I used some pretty dishtowels from Homegoods as place mats, and layered mismatched plates.

Doors from an old armoire with a boxwood wreath

The doors that the boxwood wreath is hanging on are old armoire doors from a computer cabinet that I painted and distressed.I love how they look on that wall.

Pretty and simple table setting

The centerpiece is two mini-poinsettia’s with gold beads on a mirror. Simple, easy and pretty.

Fun touches of color with a pom pom tree

My downstairs is where I have some color. I put snowball pom poms on the tree for the walk, but I promised the kids they can go to town on it after today.:) Isn’t this tree from Balsam Hill perfect for this small space? I can’t wait to share more details about it with you next week!

And yes, those are fake logs in my “fireplace”. They were clearing them out of Home Depot last year in February for $11! How could I not?!

Balsam Hill tree,Revelstoke, perfect for small spaces!

I added a garland  and a wreath from Target(from end of season last year.)  It’s a super cozy space.

Fun wreath from Target

I love that map on top so I hung a wreath over it.We are so happy to have our family room back and I love having an extra space to decorate.

Thank you so much for stopping by my home!! To take the full “walk”, make sure to go from house to house!

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housewalk preview

Then onto our surprise house. Can you guess who it is?

2014 surprise house 3Yes! It is Liz Marie!

Liz Marie blog house 3

Liz marie 2

Liz Marie 1

From there you can move onto stop 4, Dear Lillie!

Dear Lillie house 4

Deer lillie1


Stop 5 is the French Country CottageFrenc Country Cottage house 5



Then onto Thoughts from Alice!Thoughts from Alice house 6



and finally Paige Knudsen!

Paige knudsen house 7



I hope you loved all of the homes today!

Tomorrow we’ll continue on the walk with Eclectically Vintage!

eclectically vintage house 8

Jen signature

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  1. jen!! your home is so beautiful!!!
    thank you for sharing so much inspiration with us
    AND for inviting me on the tour again!!
    merry christmas friend

  2. Your holiday house walk is one of my favorite Christmas traditions now. 🙂

    Your home looks beautiful as always. I just admire how creative you are and the ability you have to change things up regularly.

  3. Oh Jen your home looks so gorgeous all decked out for Christmas. Thanks for all the beautiful inspiration. I love this Holiday House Walk Tour each year.

  4. I just got SO EXCITED seeing all of your posts!!!!!!!!!!!! I am still working on mine, but HOORAY for the best week of the year! 😀 Love every detail, Jen!! SO excited to see all of these holiday houses this week!

  5. Jen, it looks fabulous!! Your Holiday Home Tour is always anxiously awaited each year! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful homes featured!! Happy Holidays! xoxo

  6. Couldn’t wait for today! I have loved looking at the Holiday House Walks every year, thanks to everyone for sharing your homes with us, gets me in the holiday mood. I am putting away Fall things today and putting up my Christmas things so I may be stealing some ideas, lol. Love that buffet, gorgeous and makes a huge statement for your theme this year. Must be great having the basement back. Are your loving the floor?

    1. We love the floor! It’s so durable and easy to clean. We are so glad to be back down there and have some free space!

  7. Your home looks just beautiful decorated for Christmas, Jen! I love both your trees. That little one in your downstairs is too cute and I like the snowball pompoms. Maybe the kids will keep those. The garland surrounding your clock looks great and the buffet itself is such a nice place to set up a vignette.

    1. I would like the kids to keep them too, but I have a feeling there are going to be a lot of paper plate ornaments going up. 🙂

  8. Your home is absolutely spectacular Jen…love, love, love the buffet! And your wooden beaded garland on your tree: perfection! Thank you so much again for letting me be a part of this. It is definitely a dream come true for me and my little blog!

  9. Could you tell me which tree the big one in your living room is from Balsam Hill? It’s beautiful! I have heard they are the best so I am thinking of buying one. Your house looks lovely!

  10. Gorgeous Christmas tour, Jen! Love your buffet and dining table. The garland above the buffet is stunning. I’m so excited to be a part of this tour with you. You’re such a talent!
    Big hugs, Jamie

  11. what a great way to kick off the 1st day of December! Your home is so warm and cozy and that tree is ready for the kids to go to town with! Ha. sounds like my house. The kids went crazy for a few days with the fake presents. i realize that is complete torture to a kid.

  12. I loved it all…your living room all decked for Christmas is my favorite…LOVE the draped garland over your grandmothers gorgeous buffet and the pretty way you decorated your tree!

  13. Hi Jennifer. Your home inspires à Joyeux Noël.
    Everything is just so perfect, i so néed to get busy with my holiday decor.

    A holiday cottage to love here.



  14. Your decorating is gorgeous. My favorite is the garland above the clock. I literally jut started my blog so I am enjoying all of this from you ladies. Thanks for doing it. I know how much work is involved!!!! I even went back to watch 2013. Love Christmas.

  15. Oh Jen everything looks absolutely amazing!!! Over the weekend I sat in front of my Christmas tree with a cup of coffee and your book and just poured over every page. Your tour this year is truly gorgeous and chock full of even more inspiration! Love to you friend!

  16. Each and every element is beautiful and inspiring but I have to say: the garland swag above the buffet took my breath away. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Just beautiful, Jennifer! Thank you so much for having me! I’ve loved being a part of it 🙂 LOVE your kitchen as always and I love that chunky wood bead garland on your tree! So awesome.

  18. Thanks for hosting this fabulous homewalk tour! I am so enjoying it – started way down the list and have made my way back to you. LOVE the garland over your clock! I have a huge clock in our kitchen and you’ve inspired me!

  19. Does the holiday house walk end at 20 today? (Wed the 3rd) I never know because some links never connect to the next home- and other times it’s all there is for that day….this can be very confusing- enjoying it though…can never have enough eye candy!! Thanks for doing this- I look forward to it every year now.

    1. The links should go through.I will check them! Thank you for letting me know. We go all the way through Friday.

  20. Jen, you never disappoint. Your home looks absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for all the inspiration. And thank you for inviting me to be a part of the house walk. Merry Christmas. Sarah

  21. Love all the detail and heart that went into your home. Just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. I am a new follower and am loving this holiday home tour in the warmth of my home 🙂 Such wonderful ideas! Already pinned and saved many of them 🙂 On a side note, is there anyway to find out where you bought those beautiful yellow and blue curtains in the background?

    Thank so so much!

  22. Thank you for doing this home tour!! I love all the inspiration! Your home is beautiful! I love the mercury glass ornaments over your kitchen window! What a great idea!!

  23. Jennifer,

    Your home is absolutely beautiful & charming! So love your faux fireplace and all of the decor! And the dining room…love the weathered double doors. They bring so much warmth to the space. I am in the process of refinishing two doors to go over the sofa for the holidays and can’t wait to finish them up. Just beautiful, thanks so much for sharing.


  24. first i just want to say thank you for thinking of me. really
    it has been such a blessing and so much fun..
    you were a wonderful hostess…:)
    i think my favorite thing is your kitchen
    it is just so pretty and white and inviting
    i could so drink coffee with you there
    maybe someday….xoxo

  25. Oh my, I nearly fainted with seeing that sideboard/buffet. It is absolutely gorgeous, and so is your home for the holidays. I can’t wait to spend the afternoon going through this entire tour series. I have just finished my cards, the decorating’s complete, and I am ready to take it all in. Thank you!
    Rita C at Panoply

  26. What a beautiful home! Some of my favorites are your beautiful nativity and that you made it front and center, your window vignette over the kitchen sink, and that you even decorated your map – too awesome! But, best of all I love that you have your Grandmother’s buffet and how prettily it’s decorated. SO special. Thanks for inviting us into your home and hosting this tour!

  27. Hi Jennifer, thank you for joining our 2nd annual Christmas link party over at the Design Happy blog. Your grandmother’s buffet is gorgeous! How sweet and sentimental. I’m also a bit jealous that you got a tree of your own. That might have to be a goal for 2015 Christmas. A girl can dream! Happy New Year. Your friends at HomeGoods

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