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Making Christmas Decor with a Cricut

Hi guys. I wanted to share my experience as a Cricut Explore Air™  first time user and how much I enjoyed Making Christmas Decor with a Cricut

My experience as a Cricut Explore Air first time user

image from Cricut with permission

 I made sparkly poisettias for my mantel recently, and it was so much fun!

mini misteltoe accent on geometric holder

I decided to make mistletoe to go on my geometric candle holder and add a touch of hliday cheer.

I opened the instructions and  it had me making something (a card) right away while I set up my machine, which was pretty cool. The best part was, I also discovered I could run it right from an app on my iPad. No downloading stuff to my computer, no extra software. All I had to do was plug it in, and I could  design right from the iPad. It was one of the easiest set-ups I have ever gone through. I am not an instruction follower, in case you can’t tell.

cut out in snowflake pattern

I was making the card and I kept telling hubby. “This is so cool,this is so cool!”  I think he thought I lost it a little. Plus, I was decorating for the house walk so there was stuff EVERYWHERE. The machine is so slim, I was able to set it up on my coffee table and work comfortably. I really loved that I wasn’t tied to having it plugged in somewhere.

Using the Cricut to cut vinyl

There were also hundreds of images to pick from for  a project, but I could also use my own, which was pretty awesome. The only thing that took me a little it of time to figure out how the layers worked on the image, and how to set up a repeat image if I wanted to cut out multiple things on one paper. At first I wasted a bit of paper.

But, I couldn’t get over how you could not only cut out multiple images, but intricate images. And Draw!!! I never knew I needed this machine until I had it, now I’m a bit obsessed as a Cricut Explore Air first time user!!!!

misteltoe bundle made with a cricut and paper

Watching it cut out my poinsettias, and all I had to do was pull them off the paper and glue was pretty fabulous. I could have cut them out by hand, and it would have taken me forever. I had everything cut out in an hour!

Faux mantle into bookshelf

And in the Cricut design space/Project Center they have all of these great projects with full instructions so you can easily make something amazing.

Peace on earth card by Cricut

image from Cricut with permission

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  1. I would love to win one of these, I have always wanted a Cricut! I love that card! I would probably use it to make cards or a banner…or in our scrapbooks…or… so many ideas!! thanks for the opportunity! karen…

  2. I’d use it for holiday decorations throughout the year, party invites, cards, little gift accents…the possibilities are endless!! I especially like that you don’t have to be tied to the computer to use it. I hope I win!

  3. Oh my how generous. This would be amazing to win. So many uses for this machine. I would love to make an advent calendar along with cards. Thanks for the chance.

  4. I would love to make a stencils. I have lot of different design ideas for pillows and wall art and would love to use this to cut out the designs and make a stencil.

  5. I would love to have one for making signs for the holidays. I am not a direction follower either and I think this would work perfectly. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  6. I would love to win a Cricut Explorer Air!! I would start by making decorations for my twin granddaughters’ 3rd birthday. I can only imagine what projects I could make for them. Thank you for this opportunity.

  7. I would use that AWESOME machine to enhance the cards that I love to make. What an AWESOME giveaway.Thank you for the opportunity to win one. I just have an old cuttle bug!

  8. I love it! I would use it for banners and party decorations. My daughter in law is a teacher and I know we would find lots of uses in the classroom. Thanks

  9. I am saving up for the cricut air for my save the dates! I’m planning to also use it for wedding decor. Lastly, to decorate for the holidays!

  10. I would love to win a Cricut Air! I love the things you have made! I would make crafts with my two daughters. Homemade comes from the heart to be shared! Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  11. I would lo win this . I would give it to my daughter so that she could help me make cards for cancer kids. Her daughter , my granddaughter was diagnosed with Plural Pulmonary Blastoma at the age of 18 months old . She is now 9 1/2 yrs remission. She loves helping me make cards for the kiddos. It would be a wonderful gift for them both to help make cards and show support for the children Thank you !

  12. Thank you for this opportunity! I would love to create greeting cards and wall art 🙂 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  13. I would use it in my kindergarten classroom to make bulletin boards, alphabet games, math centers, art projects, and holiday decorations.

  14. Well how cool is that! I have been wondering about which would be best – Cricut or Silhouette? And now Cricut takes the advantage! I would so love to make garlands and other paper decor with this!!

  15. I would love to win the circuit Explore Air. I am a artist/designer and would use it to create DIY projects for my blog (janeallencreates.wordpress.com) stencils for background projects, lettering, banners and other creative projects. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.

  16. I would make letters for my vintage windows, that are hanging in different rooms around my home. Merry Christmas would be first. Thank you for always inspiring my creative side and for the giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  17. I would love to makes some cool letters. I’ve never used any type of cri-cur so I’m not familiar with all that it can be send for. Would love to play with one. Thank you!

  18. I recently discovered all things cricut. You would think I have been hiding in a box. As a professional, I’m in packaging sales. I’m so fascinated by this machine as it is basically a mini cad table; like we have at work, but more. I have been looking for something like this forever! I would be so humbly grateful to win one. The ideas are endless. I could actually come up with packaging ideas on my own from home and not have to rely so much on my over worked graphics team, create projects to sell that will help pay off my school loans, and create my wedding invites on. So many more ideas, too!

  19. The list of items that I would make are endless..I would make my own cards, stencils, boxes for my treats that I share with family and friends.

  20. The list is endless Jennifer. Right now I need a stencil… and some cut-outs for wall art I want to create… and then there are the ornaments for the tree… and the list could go on and on.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Oh my!! I would make gift tags. Then I would make “welcome” for my front door and probably a monogram for my baby’s bedroom wall. And more Christmas decor than my house could possible hold but I’d LOVE every second!! Thanks for a great giveaway.

  22. The possibilities are unlimited! For the upcoming holiday, I would make Christmas cards, decorations, and little place cards for the holiday dinner. My family always does New Year’s cards too, so I would make some of those as well. And, if there is enough time, I would make little flags to attach to toothpicks for the apple cupcakes we always make for Christmas.

  23. I would absolutely love this! I would use it to make everything wedding related. I recently got engaged and would love to make my ‘save the dates’, bridal shower invitations, wedding invitations, favour cards and everything related to stationary! I’ve always wanted to try this machine and now that I see it making these fabulous holiday cards, I know it will work for my wedding! This would be a new chapter in DIY for me!!!

  24. I love making all types of projects for friends and relatives, banners, cards, belly boxes and much Moore!!!!

  25. I would use mine all the time! I like to give crafty gifts for every holiday and this would help me out a lot!

  26. Ihave been wanting a Cricut for as long as I can remember but couldn’t afford . I have a party planning business trying to get off the ground and have been cutting everything by hand!!! The time I would save with one of these!!!!!!

  27. Oh my – what fun! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these! I’ve never owned a Cricut but have always wanted to! I would love to use the draw feature for my mixed media artwork – but really there are SO many uses! Lettering for artwork, cards, banners, making holiday decorations… Too exciting! 🙂

  28. I send cards of all types—birthday, get well, encouragement, Christmas—to the members of a support group. Yikes, it gets expensive! This would allow me to makes them so creative and personal.

  29. I would definitely use it to make my Christmas cards. I make my own each year and my family/friends always look forward to the design I pick each year. This would make it much easier!

  30. Oh my, that machine is amazing! First up would be cards and then some gifty items for friends…maybe banners….and some grandchildren projects as well.

  31. I would love to own one of these to make stencils for pallet crafts, windows, photography, glass blocks, etc. I have envied all of the beautiful creations I see, and now I am ready to learn to do it myself. Thanks.

  32. I was kind of curious about what u could do with a Cricut but figured I didn’t need one. Then I read your great review and am thinking it would be great to own one!

  33. I love working with paper and would create cards, banners, stencils, paper dolls, doll house furniture, and much more. Thanks for always being such an inspiration! I always want to get busy on my projects after reading your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family. May the Lord continue to bless the works of your hands!

  34. I’ve always wanted on of these! I am such a DIY nerd! If I had one, I would totally update some of my moms Christmas decor. I would also defiantly have some fun creating Christmas cards for my loved ones! <3
    Ps~ I love your blog!!! Keep up the awesomeness!

  35. I would make my 5 grandchildren any and everything I could find to make them!! Thank you for the oppurtuity to win one. I am not a blogger but I will do my best to share this on Pintrest and Facebook 🙂

  36. This would be great for my classroom! I would use it for room decorations, cards, party decorations and paper crafting for the kids. Thanks for the giving us a chance to win one.

  37. I would make stickers, cards, bookmarks…so many things, both with my art and for my child’s homeschool.

    (Oh, and by the way, I would love to share your giveaway on my linky for extra entries, but when does it end? It may have ended already…I can’t tell).

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