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Cute upcycled cow creamer vase

I love adding quirky and fun little touches to my decor.

I found  2 different creamers at the thrift store for 50 cents  a piece ,and thought they would be a cute way to brighten my windowsill with some flowers.

cow creamer with flowers as a vase, so cute!

I love Zinnia’s. I seeded a patch of a miniature version in at the start of the summer, and I am excited they are finally big enough to bring their cherry brightness indoors!

I think one of the rewards of late summer is all of the flowers we finally get to enjoy.

very cute creamer with a little posey of flowers

I planted a mixed patch so every day there is a new color that pop’s up. I love how the flower’s color pop against the white of the creamer.

creamer with flowers for a vase

I thought the vintage cows and the mini-zinnia’s made the perfect combination to make a cow creamer vase.

Pig creamer with zinnias really cute flower diplay idea

Though I swear one is a cow and the other is a pig. Do they even make pig creamers? Or maybe the other one is a shorty cow?

vintage cow creamers with flower brighten a kitchen window

They are so much fun,I would love to find one more animal to add to my new mini collection.

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  1. They are both very sweet and I love the bright colors against the white, looks awesome! I planted them last year but did not do that this year, but now I wish I had since I have a “bare” cow creamer sitting on my window sill. LOL Thanks for sharing and have a great week. 🙂

  2. How cute! I have a white one and a blue transferware one sitting empty as well. I need to steal/borrow this idea! Thanks for always being inspiring Jen!

  3. So pretty! I just got 2 cow creamers at an estate sale and a collection of cute retro cows. I now know how to display them.

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