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Board and Batten Bedroom Wall

Last year, when we finally gave our master bedroom a much needed makeover, I realized I never shared with you the details our board and batten bedroom wall. I came across the photos when I was moving everything to my new phone. I’m so glad we did it, it was such a great, inexpensive architectural accent (and I love how it looks in our bathroom!), especially since we have a small bedroom (11 ft x 13 ft).

Here is a peek at our master bedroom before the makeover.

Small master bedroom before adding board and batten to the walls

I knew I was going to paint it white to lighten it up, but I wanted to add board and batten to bring some interest to the smaller space. I apologize that the pictures aren’t the best. It’s amazing how much better the photos are on my new phone in comparison!

I started by buying the board, which was a thin, pine lath about 2.5 inches wide from Home Depot in 8 foot lengths (so I could get it in the van.). As you can tell, I didn’t even really prep the room, because that’s how I roll, totally unprepared.

I added the “top rail” first using a level, and my brad nailer.

Adding a top rail to a board and batten bedroom wall

Even though I didn’t really tarp the room, but at least I spackled the holes in the wall first, and took the curtains down. I did throw and old cover on the bed, I consider that a win.

Adding vertical boards to a board and batten bedroom wall.

Then, I measured the wall and divided to to get the spacing I wanted. I think I ended up at about 12-13 inches apart . My vertical boards were cut to length, so they fit between the baseboard and the top rail.

After they were put up with nails and construction adhesive, I caulked any gaps, and then primed.

Priming a board and batten bedroom wall

It took about 3 coats of Benjamin Moore Simply White paint  after priming to completely cover the blue, and even out the difference between the boards and the wall, but once it was done, it looked so good, like it was one piece!

Beautiful wood floors in a boho MCM bedroom

Once curtains were hung back up, it just makes a nice, subtle, accent.

holiday bedroom with plants

The rest of the walls were painted in Orchard by Benjamin Moore, which is a really light white-gray.

Boho rattan chair in bedroom

 I really love how the light color brightens the room. It has an eastern exposure, so it can get really dark at certain times of the day. This way it stays bright all day long.

Master bedroom makeover a new light and bright space

I think a board and batten bedroom is such an affordable way to elevate your space. It’s really more of a time, and patience with measuring thing.