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Dark Green Paint-My Painted Kitchen Hutch

I love the new dark green paint trend! We’ve been living with white and gray paint for so long, that it feels like such a fresh breath of air! This was such a fun furniture make over!

When we remodeled our kitchen in 2010, I picked up this hutch in our kitchen for $200, you can see the before and after here.


Kitchen hutch before furniture makeover with paint

It brought us some much needed storage, and looked great. I had painted it, and distressed it to look old at the time, when I was into a much shabbier, vintage look. For a while it was in the kitchen,and then when we brought my Gram’s buffet into the kitchen, we moved it onto the dining area. I also noticed , it needed  a huge clean out. It started to become a mish-mash of stuff on the inside, and slightly hoarder- like.

Dark green paint

Lately, I had been looking at it, and wondering what my hutch would look like painted with a coat of a deep, jeweled tone, dark, green paint. I pulled out my fan decks, and started going through them. After looking at about 25 different greens, I finally found one. It was a deep green with black, and blue undertones.

Painting furniture with a deep, dark green paint

I loved how saturated the color looked. This room has really weird lighting with the giant sliding door, so I tried to capture it as well as I could.

Middle of painting hutch with deep, dark green paint

I ran to my Benjamin Moore’s,and had them mix a quart of Salamander, in their Aura brand in eggshell. I know a lot of people love chalk-style paint, but I really prefer to use DecoArt’s Satin Enamel for furniture because the sealer is already in it (In this case, I wanted a custom color.).

I jumped right into painting, and I actually wasn’t to sure about it at first. It was such a huge contrast from what I was used to. I joked it was a good thing that I had some gin on hand, in case I really hated it. I did get slightly panicked about half-way through.

Luckily, It started to grow on me. By the time I was done, I was completely in love with how it changed the way the entire space looked. I’ve been painting furniture a really long time, but this was one of my favorites. I just love looking at it, every time I walk by it!

Hutch painted with deep, dark green paint for a complete painted furniture makeover. #darkgreenpaintcolor

I am going to change out the handles, and add some soft brass accents to it, to really change things up.  I also want to paint the inside of the hutch, I just need to decide what color I want to paint it, and it I am going to wallpaper the back or not.

Inside of hutch with dark green paint color by Benjamin Moore

The dark green paint really adds a richness to the hutch, and I love the contrast with the abstract art piece, and the brass chandelier!

To paint or not to paint the inside of the hutch?

I have a few pictures to show you of the room it’s in, in the next post!





  1. Turned out great! Post another pic if you do wallpaper in the back. 🙂

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