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How to make a DIY color block cutting board…

Hi everyone! It’s Angela from Number Fifty-Three and I have such an easy and inexpensive project to share with you all this month.

Lately, I have been craving natural wood accents more and more. I love the rustic and casual vibe it can give to a space, especially when it is paired with a small touch of paint.

 This DIY color block cutting board that I recently created has that simple elegance that I love and was so quick to make.


Here is the supply list:  a pine round board (I found mine in the lumber section of the home improvement store), painters tape, craft stick (to make sure that the  tape is firmly in place), paint, polyacrylic, paint brushes, clean rag, butcher block oil, scissors, leather lace (from the craft store), drill and drill bit, measuring tape and marker.



Start out by taping off a portion of the board to paint. Use a craft stick to make sure the tape is on securely to prevent leaks and to get a very sharp paint line.
Paint with you chosen paint color and let dry. (It is always a good idea to remove the tape before the paint has totally dried.) Next, carefully apply a coat of polyacrylic to the painted portion of the board and let dry.
Simply apply the butcher block oil with a clean rag to the rest of the board following the directions on the bottle. (I had to use a few coats.)
Lastly, I measured a center point and placed a small mark to determine where I wanted to drill my hole. When choosing a drill bit make sure to pick one large enough to allow the leather lace to fit through easily. Once the hole is made thread through a length of the leather lace and tie.


I have been loving this both to serve snacks on and to display on our dining room wall!


Thank you all so, so much for checking out my project this month. I welcome you all to stop by Number Fifty-Three and say hello!

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  1. Angela,
    Very hip, like an art object hanging on the wall! Great photography. I wish I had a bowl of those raspberries and blackberries right now!

    1. Thanks you for such a nice comment, Ginene! Believe me…those berries did not last long in our house! 😉

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  2. I have used those cute circles of pine before – they are nice and thick. The paint accent is super cute along with the tassel to hang it up.

    1. Thanks, Holly! I am thinking about what else I can do with those pine circles now! I love how thick they are, too. And they are priced so low they definitely make projects manageable.

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  3. Very cute Angela – love the fresh modern look of your cutting board!

    1. Thank, Julia! At first I was hesitant to hang it up, but I actually really love it and it plays well with the mirror gallery wall (which is right next to it).

      Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

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