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Dark Green Painted Cabinets

When putting together the in-home studio space, one thing I really needed was storage, and had been looking for some used cabinets. It just so happened my sister-in -aw wanted to get rid of 11 feet of old cabinets and a countertop in her sub-level. It was a total win win. Once the drywall was finished, and we gave the room a good cleaning, it was time to start moving everything back in. I was excited because I had big plans for them. I knew I wanted dark green painted cabinets for my studio space.

Wall for storage cabinets in studio space

After hauling them in and setting them in, we realized we actually could only fit about 9 feet, and ended up having to cut the cabinets and countertop down a bit to fit. It’s always a bit of a challenge to have to retro-fit something, but it’s so worth it to take the time for about $1,000 worth of free cabinets.

Jennifer Rizzo attaching cabiner top

At one point I had to climb inside to attach them together and almost got stuck. We also ended up trimming off a little of the laminate countertop to fit over the smaller cabinet bank.

Trimming down cabinet laminate counter top

I also knew I didn’t want to keep the original color. They were nice as light wood cabinets, but weren’t the feel I was going for in my creative space. I ended up settling on a color called Dark Olive by Benjamin Moore. It was dark and moody. I also ended up painting our interior garage door that color, and then moved into the house where I painted the buffet in the kitchen too (coming soon!).

reclaimed cabinets for storage

Since they were for my studio. I  removed the knobs and gave them a quick sand to rough them up, and then tackled them with a paint and primer combo. They took two coats, and in a few hours, they were painted the new, lovely shade of green that I just adore! I am adding some open shelving, and painting an accent arch all above it to tie it all together. I love a good dark green color. I had painted my hutch dark green a few years ago and loved the drama it brought. 

Dark olive green painted cabinets

I have to admit, I was a bad blogger and forgot to take a good daylight picture of the dark green painted cabinets before I started the accent wall, so this is the best I have. You can get a better idea of the true cabinet color when I publish that post.

It’s exciting to slowly see the space transform into a real studio area.




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