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The Dining Room with The Painted Dark Green Hutch

Last week, I shared the before and after of my now dark green hutch. I thought I would give you a peek at the rest of the space!

Dark green painted hutch in and small dining room

As many of you know, we are in a very cozy home! Our dining area is our main area to eat in… At least you would think so. According to my kids, the living room, family room, and their bedrooms are great places to leave random cups, bowls, and plates, along with half-eaten food. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just crazy with the amount of yelling I do, or if it’s really not me who’s thinking outside of the box,of where food belongs.

Small MCM dining room and abstract art

To give you a small tour of how things currently look, the rug was a Craigslist buy. The MCM chairs are new, and you can see where I bought them in this post. I painted the artwork for our bedroom, but I liked it so much that it now lives down here. I’ll have to paint something else for our room.

The clock on the wall is a vintage on I picked up in an antique store. It doesn’t work, but looks so good, I’m okay with it only being correct twice a day.

Boho vignette with fern and marble table ware

I did a little vignette on the table with natural wood, a fern and marble. I am really into marble lately, and love how beautiful it is!

MCM and boho dining room idea, with vintage brass chandelier.

 I really love the dining room with the dark green hutch painted. Now, I wish I’d done it sooner. It’s almost like having it painted black, the deep,rich green  is a very grounding color.

Hutch painted with deep, dark green paint for a complete painted furniture makeover. #darkgreenpaintcolor

I am still trying to decide what to do for the inside back, of the dark green hutch. I am mentally wrestling with paint over wallpaper. Someone brought up the point that once a patterned wall paper is up, whatever is displayed inside might get lost. I thought that was a great point.


  1. I like your dining room. I have a somewhat eat in kitchen, with a dining are that separates the kitchen from the living room. Your hutch looks fantastic. I love that its a really deep green, anything lighter wouldn’t look so old or charming. I’ve often wondered about paint or wallpaper inside my hutch as well. I had a few recommendations of using wallpaper with glue dots so I could remove it when I wanted. There seems to be a resurgence of wallpaper and I like the wispy floral patterns with a lot of open space between.

    Good luck!


  2. I have seen where people painted/papered thin cardboard cut to size and then it is removable and changes can easily be made.

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